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The second Cabinet Romulani (Istalia), has been a Government Cabinet formed in Jenuary 4307 after 4307 General Election and led by the then newly elected Leader of Liberty and Progress, Stefano Romulani, at his second office as Istalian Head of Government after the first Cabinet Romulani.

The Government was the results of an agreement established by the leader of the two largest parties in Parliament to assure to the nation a stable Government in view of the upcoming military committment in Ostland against the Hulstrian forces at the time occuping the neighbor nation. President Votta, however, stated that the two Government parties not only found an agreement on the international committment of the nation but also on some internal programs on regulations and stimulation of the economy after the Wolfshein Bacteria Plague which hit Istalia few years earlier.

It was approved in Jenuary 4309 with the 323 votes in favor of the Government parties, 127 votes against by part of Capitalist Confederation and Istalian Hosian Democrats (55 votes) while all the other parties abstained.

Ministry Occupant Party
Office of the Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri Stefano Romulani Liberty and Progress
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ali ibn Uhman al-Muthandir Liberty and Progress
Ministry of Internal Affairs Felippe di Vittorio Istalian National Party/Padagna National Party
Underministry of Immigration and Integration ??? Istalian National Party/Padagna National Party
Ministry of Finance Marco Gomez Istalian National Party/Padagna National Party
Ministry of Defence Luca Barbato Liberty and Progress
Ministry of Justice Raniya Bontempi Liberty and Progress
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Gianmarco Desio Istalian National Party/Padagna National Party
Ministry of Health and Social Services Aisha Menchi Liberty and Progress
Ministry of Education and Culture Arrigo Tanzi Liberty and Progress
Ministry of Science and Technology Giorgio Calliarese Liberty and Progress
Ministry of Food and Agriculture Kevin de Beer Liberty and Progress
Ministry of Environment and Tourism Adelina De Sarro Istalian National Party/Padagna National Party
Ministry of Trade and Industry Saajid al-Rassi Istalian National Party/Padagna National Party

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