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The Cabinet of the Republic of Zardugal is the executive body of Zardugal's national government. In consists of the Chief Minister, as head of the cabinet, and his ministers. All parties can propose a cabinet. Cabinet proposals must be approved by a majority of the members of the National Assembly, the legislature of Zardugal.

All members of the Zardic government are nominated by the President of the Republic on the advice of the Prime Minister who after being nominated to lead a government must propose a list of ministers to the Head of the State - who is obliged to appoint them as ministers. Members of the government are ranked in a precise order, which is established at the time of government formation. In this hierarchy, the Chief Minister is the Head of Government. As said, he is nominated by the President of the Republic who must nominate a candidate that reflects the will of the majority in the National Assembly.

Current Cabinet Edit

The current cabinet can be found here.

Cabinet History Edit

The Cabinet history of Zardugal can be found here.

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