Leader of the Movement of the
NominatorPopulist National Congress
AppointerPopulist National Congress
Term lengthN/A
Inaugural holderGiusto Zani
Formation25 February 4682 (officially)
DeputyDeputy Party Leader
The Leader of the Movement (in Istalian: Capo del Movimento) or commonly just shortened down to Cademo, is the head of the Populists, of the Istalian Empire. The Cademo also serves as head of the Populist High Council. The full title of the office is Leader of the Movement of the Populists of Istalia (in Istalian: Capo del Movimento dei Populisti di Istalia).

History Edit

Upon the founding of the Populists, Giusto Zani was unofficially called by his supporters as the Leader of the Movement or just Cademo, this "title" became very popular when addressing Zani, and at the 1st party congress (held in late February 4682), it was unanimously decided to establish the title as the official office for the party leader of the Populists. Giusto Zani served as the Cademo from 4682 until his death in 4697. Eight days after Zani's death, Geraci was declared the new Cademo of the Populists. Augusto Amadeo who was the First Representative of ONUP and Romero Geraci's main rival ousted Geraci in January 4705 and was declared his successor a day after.

Leader offices Edit

Title Existence Established
Leader of the Movement (Capo del Movimento, Cademo) 4682 - 4734 Foundation of the party
Head of Party (Capo del Partito) 4734 - Rebranding of the party

Office holders Edit

Officeholder Term Election
Leader of the Movement (4682 - 4734)
Giusto Zani

Giusto Zani Edit

4655 - 4697

18 Februari 4682 26 January 4697 (None)
Romero Geraci

Romero Geraci Edit

4655 - 4734

4 Februari 4697 24 January 4705 (None)

Augusto Amadeo Edit

4672 -

24 January 4705 22 March


Head of Party (4734 - )
Messalina Sollecito

Messalina Sollecito Edit

4686 -

23 March 4734 -



Timeline from 4682Edit

Leader of the Movement
Head of Party

Messalina SollecitoAugusto AmadeoRomero GeraciGiusto Zani

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