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Caeso Cassius Sophus

In office
March 1, 3847 – March 1, 3852
Serving with
Appius Florus
Succeeded by
Felix Voralbergius

In office
March 1, 3842 – March 1, 3847
Serving with
Lucius Drexsius
Preceded by

Co-Leader of Acies Nationalis
In office
September 9, 3847 – March 1, 3852

Minister of Trade & Industry
In office
March 1, 3827 – March 1, 3832

January 10, 3795
Political party
Alma Mater
Academia Militaria

Caeso Cassius Sophus (born January 10, 3795) is a retired politician from Selucia. He is the son of former Dictator and founder of the Republic Caius Cassius Sophus. In his younger years he served a tenure as Minister of Trade & Industry, being the youngest minister in the cabinet. He was viewed as a puppet of his father and a whoremonger as reporters often spotted him in the red light districts of Auroria, this reputation continued when he was elected as Consul in 3842. After the death of his father this turned around and he showed himself to be a diligent and amiable Consul. In 3849 he was the one to incite the murder of Octavia Flavia Hadriana, proclaiming that the continued spree of Dictators was destroying the Republic. Afterwards he took full responsibility for his actions and accepted the consequences when his term would end, however he also proclaimed he would seek re-election.

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