Caillean traditional outfit
Young boy in traditional Caillean dress
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Egelion Egelion13,700,000
Flag of New Endralon New Endralon140,000
Caillean language
Aurorian Patriarchal Church
Related ethnic groups
Egelian people

Caillean people or Cailleans are an ethnic group who originate from the Egelian province of Caille.

Egelion articles
History Ancient Eder Gira - History of Ghadrash - History of the Ninth Republic
Geography Railway network
Politics Administrative divisions - Elections - Judiciary - Political parties - Prime Minister
Demographics Ethnic groups: Egelians, Cailleans, Ghadrash
Religion: Aurorian Patriarchal Church
Culture Sport - Education
Economy Banking
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