A Caizu, similar to the Dranish chaebol, is a conglomerate which is owned by a particular clan or family in Indrala.

Indrala's current economy is monopolized by caizu firms, which grew out the economic conditions of the early Fourth Republic as well as the socio-economic traditions of Indrala, as many caizu families descend from the merchant/petty noble class of Indrala during the times of the monarchy.

Recently, these companies have begun to exert themselves politically. Many of these groups are considered "too-big-to-fail" and as such, conservative and liberal politicians have pandered to their needs in the past. Despite the overwhelming power of the caizu companies, few are calling for their regulation as many view them as essential to Indrala's economic success. In other words, there is a popular held belief that any attempt to restrict caizu companies would destroy the economy.

Etymology Edit

Caizu is a fusion word combining the Indralan words cai (wealthy) and zu (family)

List of Caizu Edit