le canrillais
Region South Seleya
Ethnicity Canrillaise
Language family
  • Enetric
  • Selucic
  • Seleyo-Selucic
Official status
Official language in Alduria, Rildanor, Kanjor, Lourenne
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Can

The Canrillaise language (la langue canrillaise) is a Selucic language and the most widely spoken language in south Seleya. Canrillaise was born out of the Selucian dialects spoken by the Selucian colonists of South Seleya in the 19th century.


Numerous varieties of the Canrillaise language exist. The variety spoken by the south Seleyan people of Alduria, Kanjor and Rildanor is the most common.


Euphitrien Canrillaise is a variant of Canrillaise spoken by the Euphitrien people of Saridan. It is influenced by Duntrekaans, the language of the Duntrekker people who form the majority of the population in Saridan.

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