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Total population
323,636,000 (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Rildanor.png Rildanor84,200,000
Uoaflag.png Alduria81,190,000
Flag of Kanjor.png Kanjor89,600,000
Flag of Lourenne.png Lourenne73,210,000
Flag of Mordusia.png Mordusia16,630,000
Aurorian Patriarchal Church
Related ethnic groups
Euphitrien people

Canrillaişe people are an ethnic group based primarily in the nations of Alduria, Mordusia, Kanjor, Rildanor and Lourenne. Smaller communities also exist in nearby nations such as Indrala. Canrillaise people are closely associated with the state of Canrille which has existed in different forms throughout history and almost all speak the Canrillaise language. While there is a level of shared culture and history between all Canrillaise people, differences between nations are often highlighted by the usage of terms such as Canrillaise-Kanjorien in Kanjor, Canrillaise-Mordusienne in Mordusia, Canrillaise-Rildanoriennes in Rildanor or Canrillaise-Lourennais in Lourenne.


Canrillaise generally have a pale complexion but tend to have darker features such as hair and eye colour. There are slight differences between the various sub-groups, with Kanjoriens tending to have a slightly lighter skin colour due to climatic conditions. The Canrillaise in Lourenne differ from those in south Seleya as a result of its location much further north and closer to the Equator than Alduria, Kanjor and Rildanor.


Canrillaise people form the majority of the population in the countries associated with the historic state of Canrille: Alduria, Kanjor, Lourenne and Rildanor. A sizeable Canrillaise minority also exists in the former Rildanorien colony of Nuomonde. Canrillaise people are related to other ethnic groups such as Egelian people and Istalian people.


Canrillaise people and culture is closely associated with the use of the Canrillaise language, though not all Canrillaise speakers consider themselves ethnically Canrillaise. A notable example are the Euphitriens in Saridan.


The most notable Canrillaise diaspora populations are in Mordusia and the former Rildanorien territory of Nuomonde.

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