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Capitalist Coalition
Freer the markets, freer the people

Capitalist Coaliton

Party Leader
Vandenburg, Rutania
Secondary HQ in Kalistan
World Party Organization
Student Wing
Youth Wing
Promoting Laissez-Faire policies
International Affiliation
NGO promoting a market-based economy
Official Color
Political Position

CC headquarters in Rutania

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See also: History of Rutanian Politics

This party organizations is a NGO, standing for the rights of individuals through market reforms such as liberalization and privatization, promoting laissez-faire and moderate to excessive economic freedom. All right-wing parties are welcomed to join the NGO.


The party appeared as an idea by Boțan Gabriel, the founder of the Rutanian Libertarian Party RLP in Rutania. The party proposed this idea, the members of the party agreed that this is a good idea. As such, the leader on 4510 created a NGO that will stand for the rights of the citizens through market reforms. The organization started its activity, having multiple members. Currently is one of the largest NGO in the world.


The party organization has been active and involved, as it is a young alliance ruled by the fervent leader of RLP. He is involved in the organization the most and promoting the best versions of capitalism. He accepts all kind of right-wingers and banish those who are inactive. The leader came with the idea to promote an alternative organization to the already right-winged ones who where too conservative or axed on one type of right-winger, making harder for them to unite, also this idea originates from the early years of the RCP, the predecessor of nowaday RLP. The Capitalist Coalition had succeeded in promoting market liberalism across the world thanks to initiatives proposed by party leaders in the organization.


The headquarters are located in Rutania. Despite there is a secondary one in Kalistan. The headquarter can be seen down below. The headquarters in Rutania (see below members) is the principal meeting place of the members, despite the

Capitalist Coalition Headquarters in Kalistan

leader gives lot of freedom for the party members, that can operate locally, in their nation, free of charge and without restriction or regulation on their bills. Exception is made for leftist parties or that are not truly promoting market liberalism in any way. As such the organization is formed of a:

Principal Leader, currently the founder RLP and secondary, back-up leader, currently the LDP. Then there are the party members that have a voice and have the duty of spreading liberal ideas through market reforms and candidates, who are quickly checked to ensure that is a right-wing party.


Party Membership
Rutanian Libertarian Party (RLP) (RLP) Founder
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) (LDP) Leader
National Republican Party (NRP) Full
Independence Freedom Alliance (BFI) Full
National Liberty Party (NLP) (NLP) Full
Parti Démocratique de Centre-Droit (PDCD) Full
People's League of Rutania (PsLR) Full
Rutanian National Congress Party (RNCP) Full
Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党) (JPS) Full
White Rose (WR) Full
Honor and Stability Party (HSP) Full
Die Liberale Unie (DLU) Full
Natsional'naya Konservativnaya Partiya (NKP) Full
BlocSoleil (BC) Full
Gloire et Dignité (GeD) Full
People's Party of Hutori (PPH) Full
Sunrise Party 해돋이당 (SP) Full
Socialist Capitalist Party Full

Principal members are from Rutania (including RLP) and Kalistan (including second lea


der, LDP)


Rutanian Libertarian Party RLP