Carlos III of Drania
HRH King of Drania
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Father Eduardo I of Drania
Mother Princess Josephine
Wife Princess Anastasia
Titles and Styles
  • HRH King of Drania
  • La Plejaltulo Registo (UCT)
Date of Birth 25 June 3117
Date of Death 7 February 3210
Imperial Dynasty House of Santiago


His Royal Highness Carlos III (born 25 June 3117), King of Dranland, was the reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Dranland and head of the House of Santiago in years 3165 - 3210.

Carlos III was born in Iglesia Mayor (region Ulbrach) as the first child of Eduardo I (3085 - 3165) and Princess Josephine (3098 - 3197).

On 24 May 3159 in Iglesia Mayor, Carlos married Princess Anastasia (3138 - 3221), daughter of Prince Peter and Princess Cleo of Regolan.

Carlos and Anastasia had three children: Crown Prince Cristián (3160 - 3259), Prince Federico (3162 - 3248) and Princess Iliana (3168 - ).

His father King Eduardo I died in 3165. His successor was Carlos, who was waiting for the throne till 3182.

Thanks to Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria and International Monarchist League, in May 3182 was oficially crowned King of Dranland, HRH Carlos III of Drania in St. Svorad Cathedral in Iglesia Mayor with the presence of many monarchs and political figures and social life.

His Royal Highness Carlos III, King of Drania died aged 92 years in the Royal Palace of Santiago in Iglesia Mayor. This report was announced after the funeral bells in all churches in Iglesia Mayor on 7th February 3210.

Funeral rites for the King Carlos III were served in all churches of Univerzal Church of Terra. Buddhist funeral rites were served in the Buddhist temple in Y Cymoedd, province Magadonia.

The remains were be buried in the Royal crypt of the St.Svorad Cathedral in Iglesia Mayor. Princess Anastasia of Regolan died 19 May 3221 in Guederone.

Titles & StylesEdit

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Kingdom of Dranland:

  • Duke of Ulbrach ( 25 June 3117 - 7 February 3210 )
  • King of Drania ( 8 July 3165 - 7 February 3210 )
  • La Plejaltulo Registo ( 8 July 3165 - 7 February 3210 ) as a Head of The Universal Church of Terra
Primary form of address
  • His Royal Highness Carlos III ( 8 July 3165 - 7 February 3210 )
Preceded by
Henry VII
King of England
22 April 1509 – 28 January 1547
Succeeded by
Edward VI
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