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Caroline baker

Member of the Imperial Diet
Assumed office 

Mayor of Richbrough
In office
4630 – 4636

In office
4636 – 4646
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Political party

Caroline Baker (4600-4683) is a Luthorian politician and member of the Communist Party of Luthori.

Biography Edit

Caroline Baker was born in a middle-class family in Northriding. She studied communication at the business school of Youk.

She became elected at the municipal council of Richbrough in 4625 and ran for the parliamentary elections in 4628, earning a seat in the Imperial Diet.

In 4630, following the death of the old CPL mayor, she becomes the new mayor of Richbrough.

In 4636, she is a candidate for the CPL leadership election. Having a low popularity but benefiting from its youth and energy, she manages to win the leadership election. *

The same year, she loses the mayoral election in Richbrought, following the decline of the CPL.

She is re-elected as the president of the CPL in 4641.

In 4646, Caroline Baker loses the CPL leadership election to Ahmed Al-Sissi.

Positions Edit

Caroline Baker supports a regulated economy and high corporate tax rates. She advocates a wealth tax on very high revenues and states that "the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes".

On social issues, she differs from the position party of her party. She has repeatedly called for a tougher stance on immigration from the CPL and supports civic nationalism.

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