The Center
Dundorfian nameDie Mitte
PresidentManfred Werstein
ChairmanEgon Hansen
Merger ofSolidarität and Sozial-Liberale Liste
HeadquartersHaldor, Kordusia
Political positionCenter
Colors     Purple
170 / 611
Election symbol
Central Aisle
Die Mitte (Dundorfian for The Center) is a centrist political party in Dorvik. While only recently founded (in mid-4622) as a distinct political entity, Die Mitte had previously been a political alliance between Sozial-Liberale Liste and Solidarität (and the brief-lived Liberale Partei) dating back to July 4615.

The decision to unite the center as a distinct political party came following the 4619 failure of the alliance to propose a candidate for the Presidency, attributed to the dissolution of the Liberale Partei. Reduced to a clear minority in the Bundesrat, Helmut Parker (long-time leader of the SLL) and Klara Lichtenfels (leader of Solidarität) agreed to combine forces in preparation for the 4623 elections.


Before EstablishmentEdit

  • Sol and SLL cooperation
  • Electoral alliance between Sol, SLL, and LP

Lichtenfels EraEdit

  • Merger of parties
  • Fassling cabinet and work with Alliance

Hansen EraEdit

  • Took party more to the right and ended up as Chancellor
    • First DM Chancellor
  • Led party to massive gains in 4635 snap elections (winning Chancellor and Werstein as President)
    • Werstein as first President to come from DM

Electoral ResultsEdit

Election Candidate Round 1 Round 2 Win
 %  %
4623 Helmut Parker 22.87 N/A No
4627 27.64 49.20 No
4631 Hans Openwaffer 10.81 N/A No
4632 11.55 N/A No
4634 16.56 N/A No
4635 Manfred Werstein 35.33 59.86 Yes
Year Votes Seats Status Position
 % # # +/–
4623 16.48% 10,773,604
87 / 525
Increase 87 Coalition 3rd
4627 16.67% 11,192,100
88 / 525
Increase 1 Coalition 3rd
4631 11.11% 6,879,148
57 / 525
Increase 31 No Government Formed Decrease 5th
4632 11.56% 6,993,887
70 / 611
Increase 13 Opposition Steady 5th
4634 16.21% 10,086,983
99 / 611
Increase 29 Coalition Leader Increase 4th
4635 27.71% 15,892,437
170 / 611
Increase 71 Coalition Leader Increase 2nd

Political PositionsEdit


Party LeadersEdit

# Portrait Name Lifespan Leadership Cabinets
Klara Lichtenfels (DM-Dorvik)
Klara Licthenfels - Present 4622-4634 (12 years) Mandel*Fassling
The first chair of the united Die Mitte, Klara Lichtenfels was formerly the 5th chair of the historic party Solidarität. A social democrat, Lichtenfels helped forge the union between SLL and Sol. In doing so, she agreed to allow Helmut Parker of the SLL stand for President in 4623. Lichtenfels had previously served as Minister of Finance in the Mandel cabinet (while as a member of Sol), and went on to serve again as Minister of Finance in the Fassling Cabinet. She would resign in 4634 on a high-note, after a successful election season, to tend to her ailing husband.
Egon Hansen (Dorvik-DM)
Egon Hansen - Present 4634-Present Mandel*Fassling, Hansen
A former Environment and Tourism Minister in the Mandel Cabinet (as an SLL member) and Food and Agriculture Minister in the Fassling Cabinet, Egon Hansen was elected by the party membership to serve as leader in 4634 by a share of 61% to Manfred Werstein's 39%. Shortly after being elected, he forged a cabinet of the SNP and SPD, and served as its Chancellor.
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