Central Majatran Union
Κεντρική Μαγιατρακή Ένωση
Orta Macatra Birliği
Flag of Kalopia after 4000.png
  4100 - 4112   Flag of Kalopia after 4000.png
Flag of Kalopia after 4000              Emblem of Kalopia after 4000

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

"Thousand Year Land"
Capital                     Helios
Languages             Kalopian, Siphinan, Majatran, Tukaric
Demonym                Kalopian, Wantuni
Government           Federal presidential republic
President of Kalopia
First                           Ariston Galatos
Last                           Ahmet Şimşek
Speaker of Congress
First                           Mustafa Öztükar
Legislature             Congress of the Union
Area                          1,147,200 km²
Population               99,751,253
Currency                 Wantuni (WAN)

The Central Majatran Union (CMU; Kalopian: Κεντρική Μαγιατρακή Ένωση (ΚΜΕ); Tukaric: Orta Macatra Birliği (OMBİR) was the official name of Kalopia-Wantuni, a country situated in southern Majatra. The country's territory was divided into two ethnicity-based geographic zones – the Kalopian Republic, primarily inhabited by ethnic Kalopians, and the Tukaric Republic, controlled by ethnic Turjaks, locally known as Tukars.

Climatically warm, the Central Majatran Union was geographically diverse, and shared land borders with four other nations; Deltaria and Jakania to the west, and Kafuristan and Solentia to the east.

The Central Majatran Union was proclaimed in the year 4100; its constitution came into effect on 1 January that year, after a 5-year constituent legislative session from 4095 to 4100. The territory of the Central Majatran Union was originally controlled by an entity known as Kalopia-Wantuni, a political union of Kalopians and Majatrans. With the rapid growth of the Tukaric population in the latter half of the 41st century, and the equally rapid decline of the Wantuni population, politics shifted towards Tukaric dominance from 4058 to 4100, under the Tukaric nationalist Motherland Party. Kalopian nationalism experienced an upsurge in the 4090s, however, which ultimately led to the formation of the Central Majatran Union, a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation of both Kalopians and Tukars. Most Wantuni have settled in the Tukaric Republic after 4100.

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