Chairman of the Federal Council for Unity of the Dranian Federation
Presidente del Consejo de Unidad Federal (연방화합협의회위원장)

Standard of the Federal Chairman

President de Santiago
7 November 4474

His/Her Excellency
Federal Estate, Port Rhynach
Direct Election, Popular Vote
Term length
6 years (72 months)
Inaugural holder
15 October 4457

The Chairman of the Federal Council for Unity (Draniano: Presidente del Consejo de Unidad Federal, Kyomal: 연방화합협의회위원장), known in short as the Federal Chairman, is the head of state in the Dranian Federation and the leader of the Federal Council for Unity. The Federal Chairman is a ceremonial position that is directly elected through national popular vote.

Unity House Port Rhynach

The Federal Estate in outer Port Rhynach, residence of the Chairman and meeting place of the Federal Council.

List of Federal Chairmen Edit


Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Party
- Hana Pastora de Santiago alt Hana Pastora de Santiago
15 Oct 4457 3 Oct 4462 Federalist Party
1 Sun Seohyun alt Sun Seohyun 3 Oct 4462 7 Nov 4468 Independent
2 Gwendolyn Sayer Gwendolyn Sayer 7 Nov 4468 7 Nov 4474 Independent
3 President de Santiago Hana Pastora de Santiago 7 Nov 4474 28 Oct 4481 Federalist Party
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