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Chandi Prateesh
Chandi Prateesh

Minister of Science & Technology
Assumed office 
January 1st, 2566
Preceded by
G.W. Frier

February 2, 2510
Rajin, Malivia
January 29th, 2612
Kasmenai, Sekowo
Political party
Jindo Mishra
Telsia Mishra, Koto Mishra
03 Komeito Complex, Seritei
Computer programmer, Scientist, Minister of Science & Technology

Chandi Prateesh was a computer scientist and Minister of Science & Technology in the cabinet of Sekowo.



Chandi Prateesh was born in the city of Rajin in the nation of Malivia to Aya Prateesh. Chandi was an unplanned child, born out of what is sometimes called an 'accident'.

Chandi's mother Aya was a prostitute who became pregnant after the condom of a 'John' broke. It was not until several months later that Aya found out she was pregnant, however instead of having an abortion Aya decided to see the pregnancy through, having become depressed over her life up until that point. Aya, having nowhere to go turned to her sister, Mayawati Pratil.

Chandi was born in her families home do to her mother going into labor very quickly.

Early LifeEdit

When Chandi was five years old her mother and aunt moved to Sekowo at the invitation of then Minister of Foreign Affairs Arya Patil, Mayawati Pratil's daughter. Chandi attended North Kasmenai Primary school from grades 2-7.

Upon entering High School Chandi showed an interest in science and was quick to learn computer science, both software and hardware.

After she finished High School she attended the University of Sekowo where she excelled at computer engineering and programming. In 2530 she gained fame as being a member of a four person research group that developed an ultra efficient microchip that utilized ten times less energy.

Recent HistoryEdit

In 2550 Sasuke Itokawa, the DSP candidate for the position of Science & Technology met with Chandi and expressed his support for her taking his place after he retired form the spot in 2559. Chandi excitedly agreed to the honor and received 20 out of 25 votes by the DSP party legislature to take over as the candidate.

Chandi started her first term as the Minister of Science & Technology in 2568.


Ms. Prateesh is seen as a strong and vocal advocate of further funding for science and technology related projects, more so then her predecessor.

Ms. Prateesh is expected to push for the re-establishment of Federal support for Urban farming as well as funding for the development of the A2 Super Sonic 'Green' jet.


Chandi Prateesh died of natural causes on January 29th 2612.

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