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November of 4408
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Grand Senate of Sekowo
241 / 241
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Change (変化する) is a Sekowan political party. It advocates for socialism, progressivism, pacifism and environmentalism. It also defends the return of the monarchy, despite that not being a main goal. As of November of 4416 the party no longer supports the return of the monarchy supporting instead a republican system. It currently has 64 seats in the Grand Senate of Sekowo and is the biggest party in 6 cities, Ibarachi , Itogaki , Nago , Kitashuto , Hishikawa and Kutakaza . It's also the biggest party in a prefecture, Hokuzan, since December of 4408. It's in the government since May of 4111 after it reached an agreement with the People's Party to form a coalition. Since 4417 it has had a majority government. Because of the country's constitution, Aoto Kimura leads the cabinet. However Michi Kurosawa is the de facto minister of Head of Government. The party also controls the ministries of Internal Affairs, Justice, Health and Social Services, Science and Technology and Environment and Tourism. All politicians who join Change have to pledge allegiance to "The 5 Principles of Aapo". Those 5 principles have been created by Aapo Hayashi and are considered the main rules of the party. However, their understanding has evolved to better adapt to the times. The cabinet put in place in April of 4417, fully made up of Change's members, is one of the most diverse ever in the history of Sekowo. Of the 13 ministers of the cabinet (considering Michi Kurosawa the minister of Head of Government) 7 are women and 4 are members of the LGBTQ+ community, 2 gay men, 1 bisexual man and 1 lesbian. This can also be one of the youngest cabinets ever with an average age inferior to 40 years old. As of December of 4418, Michi Kurosawa is the official Prime-Minister of Sekowo as the offices of Head of State and Head of Government have been separated. Aapo Hayashi , one of the party's founders and member of the Leadership Council, has retired as of December of 4427. He has been replaced in the Leadership Council by the party's current spokesperson and its parliamentary leader Saki Hamasaki.

The 5 Principles of AapoEdit

  • Solidarity- As a society, we should all help those less fortunate and fight for a fair economy and society where people help each other and money isn't valued over people.
  • Equality- No one should be subjected to inferior treatment no matter what. Whatever the characteristics of each one of us and the ideas each one of us supports, everyone deserves the same respect and the same attention. We are human beings, nothing more.
  • Critical Thinking- People should be able to think for themselves and speak up on what they think is wrong. Uneducated people that simply do or say what the government or any other institution wants them to do or say are an enemy to democracy and to our freedom of speech. For critical thinking to exist, the government must make sure people have access to free education that doesn't teach them to have good grades but to be good people and think critically. Also, everyone should have access to the whole truth because only with the truth people can develop their own opinions.
  • The Sanctity of Life- Life is the most sacred thing we have and it must be respected in all ways possible. Death penalty is immoral whoever may be the victim. Abortion is immoral and shouldn't be supported by the state however banning it leads to more deaths and insecurity, its legalization is the best way to ensure the protection of not just life but a life of dignity. Euthanasia while it may seem immoral is the decision of the person, no one has the right to deny another person the choice to have his/her life ended. War is probably the most immoral threat against life and as such war should never be the solution and should always be treated as the problem. The military industrial complex must be broken and a state of peace and trust in each other should be implemented with a military just for emergencies. Other living beings should also have their lives respected as much as possible.
  • Freedom- The people must have their right to be free protected as much as possible. Everyone should be able to preach any religion they want or choose not to do it. Everyone should be able to say what they think. Everyone should be able to be healthy, to be educated and to be successful because only those who have dignity in their lives are truly free. Freedom is essential in a democracy and no one shall infringe that right of all human beings.

Youth WingEdit

The party has its own youth wing, Rebels for Change. It has almost 500 thousand members making it the biggest youth wing of a political party in Sekowo and one of the biggest ones in Terra. It is credited for rising interest in politics by young people and is responsible for many initiatives and activities. Rebels for Change organizes Weekend of Change every year where it's discussed not just politics but also arts, sports, among others. Concerts, seminars, contests, stand-up comedy, movies, expositions, talks, all this is included in the Weekend of Change (it takes place for a weekend). Weekend of Change is considered the main political event in Sekowo and is praised by right-wingers and left-wingers alike as a show of culture, love and critical thinking. The slogan of the event is "Love Each Other" and everyone can take part in it for free, however, voluntary donations are welcome. Rebels for Change also has been investing in turning young people into entrepeneurs. Despite being a socialist organization, it supports small and medium-size businesses and it promotes entrepreneurship among young people even holding seminars on it in its anual event, Weekend of Change.

Charity WorkEdit

Change has made notable work when it comes to charity associating itself with many charitable organizations and being involved directly in helping those less-fortunate. It has been involved in many initiatives, building houses for the homeless, distributing meals, clothes and toys to poor people and planting trees. However, its most notable action yet is the hiring of homeless and unemployed people to work in the party. Many people have risen above poverty thanks to this. The party hasn't required those who were hired to join the party and gave the option of those working for the party only doing charity work, that is usually not paid but that would be in this case. The party pays at least 5 SEK a hour to every person working for it.

Party FiguresEdit

  • Aapo Hayashi (Party's Leadership Council; Grand Senate of Sekowo)
  • Aoto Kimura (Former President of Sekowo; Party's Leadership Council)
  • Michi Kurosawa (Prime Minister, Minister of Head of Government; Grand Senate of Sekowo; Party's Leadership Council)
  • Saki Hamasaki (Party's Spokesperson; Grand Senate of Sekowo; Party's Parliamentary Leader)
  • Miya Fujimoto (Party's Leadership Council; Grand Senate of Sekowo)
  • Harumi Miyagi (Party's Leadership Council; Grand Senate of Sekowo)
  • Norita Kimura (Party's Policy Advisor; Grand Senate of Sekowo)
  • Rie Koizumi (Party's Election Manager)
  • Hiro Tsukuda (Minister of Internal Affairs)
  • Makiko Ito (Minister of Justice)
  • Ren Abe (Minister of Health and Social Services)
  • Nori Ikeda (Minister of Science and Technology)
  • Bashira Aragaki (Minister of Environment and Tourism)
  • Chika Oshiro (Minister of Foreign Affairs; Previously Grand Senate of Sekowo)
  • Kioko Inoue (Minister of Finance; Grand Senate of Sekowo)
  • Daichi Fukui (Minister of Defence)
  • Kaito Yamada (Minister of Infrastructure and Transport)
  • Sakura Ishikawa (Minister of Education and Culture; Previously Grand Senate of Sekowo)
  • Takahiro Moto (Minister of Food and Agriculture; Previously Grand Senate of Sekowo)
  • Fumiko Nakajima (Minister of Trade and Industry; Previously Grand Senate of Sekowo)

Legislative ElectionsEdit

Year Votes Total Votes Votes (%) Seats

Seats (+)

Position Status
4408 7,823,732 53,408,301 14.65
20 / 177
+20 2nd Opposition
4410 20,805,344 59,052,011 35.23
61 / 177
+41 2nd Government Coalition
4412 19,849,563 59,972,114 33.10
58 / 177
-3 2nd Government Coalition
4414 20,547,288 58,647,665 35.04
64 / 177
+6 2nd Government Coalition
4416 34,365,880 54,661,388 62.87
108 / 177
+44 1st Government
4417 11,864,940 11,905,276 99.66
177 / 177
+69 1st Government
4419 11,838,276 11,838,276 100.00
241 / 241
+64 1st Government
4421 11,890,128 11,890,128 100.00
241 / 241
0 1st Government
4423 11,658,975 11,658,975 100.00
241 / 241
0 1st Government
4425 11,954,108 11,954,108 100.00
241 / 241
0 1st Government
4427 56,519,883 56,553,029 99.94
241 / 241
0 1st Government

Presidential ElectionsEdit

First RoundEdit

Year Candidate Votes Total Votes Votes (%) Votes (%)(+) Endorsements
4408 Aoto Kimura 13,257,443 52,855,446 25.08 +25.8% None
4410 Aoto Kimura 33,871,672 53,916,965 62.82 +37.74 None
4412 Aoto Kimura 20,537,883 60,267,621 34.08 -28.74 None
4414 Aoto Kimura 20,620,580 58,491,333 35.25 +1.17 None
4416 Aoto Kimura 34,540,270 54,669,359 63.18 +27.93 None
4417 Aoto Kimura 11,455,475 11,455,475 100.00 +36.82 None
4419 Aoto Kimura 12,106,883 12,106,883 100.00 0 None
4421 Aoto Kimura 12,170,538 12,170,538 100.00 0 None
4423 Aoto Kimura 12,119,924 12,119,924 100.00 0 None
4425 Aoto Kimura 11,384,023 11,384,023 100.00 0 None
4427 Aoto Kimura 57,304,494 57,323,820 99.97 -0.03 None

Second RoundEdit

Year Candidate Votes Total Votes Votes (%)

Votes (%)(+)

4412 Aoto Kimura 32,146,462 61,050,375 52.66 +52.66 None
4414 Aoto Kimura 25,012,884 56,194,623 44.51 -8.15 None

Prefecture AffiliatesEdit

In April of 4416, Change announced it was going to affiliate with the following local political parties after it presented a bill in the Grand Senate of Sekowo to establish legislatures for all prefectures.

Prefecture Name Ideology Political Spectrum Position Seats in the Prefecture Legislature
Hokuzan Popular Wave Collectivism, Democratic Confederalism, Environmentalism, Social Ecology, Localism, Left-wing Populism, Participatory Democracy Far-left 1st
90 / 199
Kankawara Radical Change Kaoism, Social Ecology, Post-Growth, Left-wing Populism, Participatory Democracy, Localism Left-wing to Far-left 4th
39 / 201
Nanzan Our Future Democratic Socialism, Environmentalism, Participatory Democracy Center-left to Left-wing 2nd
77 / 201
Sanko Our Democracy Kaoism, Environmentalism, Participatory Democracy Left-wing 1st
65 / 201


More for Tōzan Democratic Socialism, Environmentalism, Participatory Democracy Center-left to Left-wing 2nd
38 / 201

Leadership CouncilEdit

Seat Name Portrait Member
1 Aoto Kimura Kazuo-shii-jcp-leader.jpeg November of 4408-
2 Michi Kurosawa MichiKurosawa.jpg November of 4408-
3 Aapo Hayashi Aapo.jpg November of 4408-December of 4427
3 Saki Hamasaki Sakihamasaki.jpg December of 4427-
4 Miya Fujimoto Miyafujimoto.jpg November of 4408-
5 Harumi Miyagi Harumimiyagi_%282%29.jpg November of 4408-
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