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Charismism or the Charismic movement is a movement within various Luthoran and Bishopal Hosian denominations that emphasises the direct relationship between human beings and God especially through baptism. The Charismic movement is extremely diverse and operates across denominational lines, having influenced a variety of denominations including Patriarchal churches such as the Aurorian Patriarchal Church.

The movement traces its origins to a variety of Luthoran churches prominent in North Seleya in the 34th century and an increasing focus on the importance of the doctrine of "salvation through faith alone". Charismic churches place a particular focus on the manner in which baptism and faith in Eliyahu allows an individual to utilise "spiritual gifts" including speaking in tongues and divine healing.

Within the Charismic tradition there exist hundreds of individual churches and local communions, especially in Likatonia and Baltusia as well as parts of Luthori, Dorvik and Kazulia. The largest single communion of churches is the International Fellowship of Disciples which includes the Reformed Hosian Church (the largest single Charismic church) and around three million global adherents.

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