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Charlene Goodwill

Governor of Magadonia
In office
December 3316 – May 3322

In office
May 3322 – September 3322
Preceded by
Succeeded by

In office
September 3326 – September 3330

Member of the Parliament
In office
June 3331 – November 3347
Porthladd Rhewi

September 19, 3274
Mynydd Iâ
Political party
Dr. Edward Goodwill
Charles Goodwill, Elaine Goodwill
Mynydd Iâ
Alma Mater
University of Gogledd Pwynt
Politician, Professor

General Information Edit

Charlene Goodwill is a Dranish politician who formerly served as Lord Chancellor of Dranland. During her tenure, she was mostly noted for her strong opposition to the policies of Minister of Education Marcos Barrantes (PAC) and her adherence of a liberal education system. She is generally considered one of the most controversial Dranish politicians in recent times.

Life and Politics Edit

Charlene Goodwill was born in Mynydd Iâ, a predominately Welsh city in Magadonia Province. Her father was a physician and her mother a psychologist. Both parents put a focus on the academic development of their daughter - she attended a noble private school until the age of 18 and then studied at the University of Godgledd Pwynt, earning a PhD in both history and literature. After briefly working as a teacher at several private schools, she returned to university and became a professor in 3305. During that time, she also joined the right-wing Grand National Party. During her time at university, she was often accused by leftist colleagues of depicting a rightist bias during her lectures.


Charlene Goodwill during a ceremony at the Lord Chancellery

In December 3316, she was elected governor of Magadonia by a landslide victory, ending the UP's dominance. In 3318, she was re-elected and was subsequently noted for her fierce opposition to the reform plans of Minister of education Marcos Barrantes, who intended to partially nationalize the system. Campaigning on an agenda in favor of private education, she defeated incumbent Lord Chancellor Antonio Gualbas in the elections of 3322 and became Head of State. However, her tenure only lasted four months as she lost re-election in the snap poll of September 3322, where she was defeated by Gualbas.

However, she sought a new term in 3326 and proceeded to defeat Gualbas in the elections once more. In the meantime, she had returned to her former position of Governor of Magadonia.

Her term from 3326 to 3330 was then marked by an ongoing rhetoric battle with her archrival Marcos Barrantes, against she would often issue verbal attacks. Due to this, her tenure was seen controversial and public opinion over her performance was evenly divided.

In September 3330, her tenure ended. Since she declined to seek a further term, she was succeeded by Antonio Gualbas (Unity) again after he won the elections.

In June 3331, she returned to national politics as MP for Porthladd Rhewi. She assumed the seat after the retirement of former Prime Minister Eric Crawford. Additionally, she became educational spokeswoman for her party and its deputy parliamentary leader.

In 3346, she lost a legal battle over a libel charge issued against her by PAC chairman Marcos Barrantes. She was forced by the court to pay a penalty fee for her remarks towards Barrantes.

In November 3347, Charlene Goodwill retired from politics.

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