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Charles William Urquhart

In office
4606 - 4608

1 October 4611 – 1 July 4618

Preceded by
Succeeded by

Chairman of the Conservative Right

Wilma Urquhart III

Charles William Urquhart was a Luthori Politican and the Prime Minister of Luthori.

Born in to wealth, he like the rest of his family enjoyed a privlaged upbrining attending only the finest schools that Luthori had to offer. His father had ties to several industries in Luthori with control over vast amounts of wealth. At the age of 16 he was sent to Military School where he later would graduate. Following this he applied for an officers training. He stayed in the military for 7 years leaving with the rank of Captain.

After his military career he went to university studying Economics and law, shortly after his graduation he went to work with his father expanding their bussniess empire in to Huthori. Although not nearly as large as their stakes in Luthori, Charles William Urquhart managed to make a minor fortune for his company.

In November 4601 he overtook the party leadership from his now dying and ageing father.

The Urquhart dominance of CR

In 4604 in a party conference his daughter, then president Wilma Urquhart III proposed a bill that would make her father chairman for life. And make the position of Chairman heridtary. Marking Conservative Right as the only party in Luthori where power would be passed down along generations and the party chairman would always be an Urquhart.

Personal Life

Charles William Urquhart married at 23 years old, having two sons and one daughter. His sons took over his the Urquhart industrial empire while his daughter ran for president. Now on her third term and marking her as one of the youngest presidents in history.


Charles William Urquhart died soon after his resignation from politics.

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