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Federal Commonwealth State of Cho'kun
Cho'kun Flag
Motto:Strength in Unity.
Anthem:Morning Mist
Area 970,000 km² est.
Iwate, Sel'nu, Siku
Government Type State
Chancellor Ki'lu Uwa'ni
Head of State Party Democratic Socialists Party
Language English, Kli'kutan, Gao-Showan
Capital So'kun
Largest City Nihama
Population 1,205,400
Density 7 people / km²
Founded 2455/2471
Currency Dovani Currency Unit
Currency Abbreviation DCU
Sport Kayaking
Animal Fox
Nation ID Number:55

Geography & EnvironmentEdit

Cho'kun is a hilly Temperate region do to its proximity to the Caltropic lakes and the East Dovani tectonic zone.


Cho'kun is comprised of three geophysical areas. The flatlands comprise the Western most part of the region. The great hills dominate the central part of the region. The Coastal lands comprise the Eastern coast of the region.


Cho'kun is a bi-climactic area, comprised of two major climates.

The Western most part of the region has a mild continental climate with an average temperature of 65º. The rest of Cho'kun has a Temperate climate, with regular rains throughout the year and an average temperature of 50º.


Cho'kun, is a State of Sekowo, and thusly is subject to Sekowan Federal laws and regulations.

Elected OfficialsEdit

Cho'kun elects its own Legislature, Head of State and Head of Government.

Currently the Chancellor is Ki'lu Uwa'ni (DSP), a Kli'kut woman native Sel'nu to the region. The current Governor is Miko Inanari (DSP) a Gao-Showan woman native to the Iwate region.

Native InhabitantsEdit

The primary native groups of the area are the Kli'kut, primarily in the South and central regions, while the Gao-Showa primarily live in the North, with some living in the central regions with the Kli'kut.

There are small minorities of Miztec and other related groups living among the South-East regions.


The primary Colonization and exploration of the area originally started in 2458 and ended in 2463.


Along with the other nine protecotrates of Sekowo and Sekowo proper Argos became a state of the Federal Commonwealth of Sekowo in 2594. As of March 2875 the Sovereignty of Cho'kun was transfered to the Federation of Zardugal, which later sold it together with Argos and the north of Teoitan to the Eerste Republiek Vanuku with the Treaty of Tropicana of 2879. In 3252, through the Treaty of Nachten, those territories were sold back to Sekowo.

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