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Christliche Liberalen Allianz
Leader Jurgen Marquering
Founded 2662
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Kien, Hulstria
Nation Greater Hulstria
Ideology Liberalism
Political Position Libertarian/Federalist
International Affiliations International Monarchist League
Localist Devolution Alliance
Colours FF7518
Website [1]

The Christliche Liberalen Allianz (Christian Liberal Alliance), commonly known as the Christian Liberals or CLA, is a major political party in the Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria. The CLA supports conservative liberalism and federalism. It advocates the application of Christian principles to public policy while maintaining a healthy separation of church and state.


Current Party StructureEdit

The party's structure is currently based upon the "Revised Charter of the Christian Liberal Alliance" adopted in 2737. Each Crownland has its own branch of the party, with their own chairmen and executive councils. The national party is led by the National Executive Committee.

National Executive Committee PositionsEdit

  • President - The President is the chief executive officer of the party organization, NEC Chair, and standard bearer for the Christian Liberals. The President is responsible for drafting the party platform; representing the party at home and abroad; is the CLA's nominee for Governor-General; and, in conjunction with the Deputy Leader, selects nominees for cabinet positions. The President is elected by majority vote by all official members of the Christian Liberal Alliance.
  • Deputy Leader - The Deputy Leader assists the President in his/her duties; assumes the powers of the presidency should the President be unable to exercise them; manages the party's electoral campaign for the Imperial Diet; and, when eligible, serves as parliamentary leader of the party in the Imperial Diet. The Deputy Leader is elected by majority vote by CLA members of the Imperial Diet.
  • First Secretary - The First Secretary is responsible for the administrative operations of the party and acts as chief public relations agent. The First Secretary is selected by the President.
  • Second Secretary - The Second Secretary acts as treasurer of the party; the secretary is responsible for the finances of the CLA and fundraising efforts. The Second Secretary is selected by the President.
  • Crownland Chairmen - (5 positions) The chairman of each crownland branch of the Christian Liberal Alliance.
  • Executive Representatives - Executive Representatives are CLA-members of the Cabinet of the Imperial Crownlands who are not otherwise members of the National Executive Committee.


Christian DemocratsEdit


Members of the Centrist-Agrarian faction describe themselves as political centrists. The heir to political groupings of farmers and rural voters Centrist-Agrarians support small business, decentralization, pragmatic environmentalism, and fiscal conservatism. Faction members generally are more inclined to be socially liberal, but still support traditional positions on reproductive issues.

Christian PopulistsEdit


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