Church of Muzalkaz
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Orientation Luthoran Hosian
Polity Bishopal
Godhead God and the Spirit of God
Prophets Ariel, Eliyahu
Patriarch The Archbishop of Muzalkaz
Headquarters Muzal City, Muzalkaz, Hobrazia
Status Official religion of HRH the Duke of Muzalkaz
The Church of Muzalkaz is the main Luthoran denomination of Hobrazia and is very prevalent in Muzalkaz, especially its north. It is the official religion of HRH the Duke of Muzalkaz and the Conservative Party.
Alternate Flag Hobrazia 1 Hobrazian Republic
Astoria City (capital)
History History of HobraziaLand Wars of HobraziaBattle of TnakaThree Nation Territorial And Economic AllianceHobrazia-Keymon-Likatonia United Left FrontFirst Darnussian Civil WarImperial Hobrazian Protectorate of Independent DarnussiaSecond Imperial Republic of HobraziaWar of Luthori SuccessionDarnussian-Hobrazian Border ConflictSecond Darnussian Civil WarHobrazian ImperiumMalivian-Gaduri War
Geography Mkhare: KiduranZargundiaDeltariaMuzalkazStormereti
Cities: Astoria CityBrentaroMuzal City
Other Artania
Demographics Religion: Hosianism: Hobrazian Orthodox ChurchChurch of Muzalkaz • Native: Hobaism
Ethnicity: Hobrazian peopleHobrazian language
Culture: Culture of Hobrazia
Government Government of HobraziaHobrazian National FrontWe Say So!Gregory Lloyd Harte Society
Notable People St. ThomasTimothy Vern DellGregory Lloyd HarteCraig MünsterAaron Regdal
Former Parties We Say So! PartyCapitalist Party of HobraziaHobrazian Peoples PartyClyrvská DynastiaPopular Front for Democratic SocialismChristian Socialist PartyFirst Party of Hobrazia
Military Hobrazian Armed Forces


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