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Chynberg Voivodeship
Województwo Chynberskie

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

(and largest city)
Jeziorne Sady and Hel
Legislature Sejmik Województwa
Marszałek TBA
Wojewoda TBA
Area 630,600 km² 
Population 3 985 346 (6.3/km²) 
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +12
See also Administrative divisions of Valruzia

Chynberg Voivodeship (Val.: Województwo Chynberskie Speaker.png listen or just Chynberg Speaker.png listen) is on of the five Valruzian voivodeships, created in April 4245 with Administrative Reform. It occupies 630.600 km² and is the largest voivodeship by area in Valruzia. It is the least populated voivodeship with 3.9 million inhabitants and the population of just 6.3 poeple per square kilometer.

Its principal cities are its capital city of Hel, Bawierzow, and Jeziorne Sady. Majority of its territory is mountainous. It borders Kampania Voivodeship and Valusian Voivodeship to the west and Ruzian Voivodeship to the south.

It is an essential industrial region in the country with the second-largest deposits of crude oil and natural gas. It is also an important cultural center with numerous castles and fortresses, which are one of the main tourist attractions.


The Voivodeship is located in the north-east part of Valruzia and borders:

and the following voivodeships:

It is the largest and most diverse in terms of geography voivodeship in Valruzia. The Kagan Mountain Range covers of the east-northern part of the region with the highest elevation point in the country Plarix Peak (Szczyt Plarys) at 4.230 meters above the sea level. The western part of the voivodeship is covered with highlands with the biggest being Central Valruzian Highland with about 97 thousand square kilometers. In the south, the region is mostly flat and covered by numerous plains and lowlands. The rivers Libard and Turycz have their sources in the northern part of the voivodeship.


Due to its geography and landform the density of transportation infrastructure in the Chynberg Voivodeship is at the last place in the country. Only a few important routes pass through the voivodeship. Chynberg is famous for its mountaneous cargo railroads which pass through the Kagan Mountain Range. The biggest airport in the region is located near its capital city of Hel - Hel International Airport.

Subdivision of the Voivodeship[]

Chynberg Counties Cities.jpg

Chynberg Voivodeship is the largest Voivodeship in Valruzia by area. It is divided into 19 counties (3 cities with county rights, 16 land counties) and 1480 municipalities: 278 urban municipalities, 512 urban-rural municipalities, and 690 rural municipalities. Counties in the Chynberg Voivodeship form two districts (rejencja). In the north of Chynberg, counties bordering with Lodamun and Likatonia form North-East District (Rejencja Północno-Wschodnia). The Sejmik of the Voivodeship is planning to establish a new district in the centralpart of the voivodeship wchich would associate counties and municipalites which have an extensive oil extraction and rafining industry. Chynberg is home to numerous industries and companies. Walatom and Enerwal combined are the biggest employer in the Voivodeship and are followed by WKN Volantis.