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Cildanian Communist Party

(סארביי קיבאזזיסטיט קילדאריט)

Leader Peter Jabrut
Founded 2173 (3081 as CCP Surbiy Qibuzzistit Qildarit)
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Qart Qildar
Nation Cildanian Republic
Ideology Communist, Liberal
Political Position Liberal Far Left
International Affiliations Hammer and Sickle Alliance
Anti-Libertarian Alliance
Colours ff0000
Website http://classic.particracy.net/viewparty.php?partyid=2344

The Cildanian Communist Party or CCP is a political party in Cildania. The party was founded in 2173 by the merger of several radicalised trade unions chiefly the ECDMTU (East Coast Dockyard and Maritime Union), UUCL (Union of unskilled and Casual Labourers) and the CMU (Cildanian Miners Union) with the Hebilon Workers Coalition, a small regional party under the leadership of Peter Misvic.

The Party spent most of the 22st and 23rd centauries as Cildanias biggest opposition party providing a counter point to Cildania’s other dominant Libertarian consensus coalition. Despite its long history the CCP has never held the position of Head-of-state in Cildania with its highest political office being that of chancellor in 2236. By the early 24th century after Centauries on the outside of Cildanian politics and with an increasingly jaded leadership the CCP descended into terminal decline eventually becoming defunct in 2329.

The party has since been resurrected twice first in 2488 when the party was resurrected to give the small leftwing groups of Cildana a unified voice in the fight against the JLC (Justice league of Cildania). Under the CCP banner the Cildanian Left joined its centrist counterparts entered a coalition government ousting the long-term incumbent JLC. However in less than 50 years the CCP once again entered terminal decline. Detractors claimed it had abandoned its founding far left principles a move which had been necessary to enter the centrist coalition. With a less than solid ideological platform the CCP’s electoral support slip

ped away, the party finally becoming defunct once more in 2505.

In 3081 The CCP banner was once again grasped by the hands of Cildanians when lead by Dorkim Qildarim activist Peter Jabrut demanded governmental representation for the Cildanain left. Jabrut demanded at least limited participation in government from parties other than Dorkim Qildarim. In August 3801 the CCP was granted a minority role within the Cildanian government along with several cabinet positions. The CCP now acts a s a lesser partner within the Cildanian government system known known by its Cildanian name Surbiy Qibuzzistit Qildarit. The party however retains much of its non-Semitic titles and insignia outside of government. Jabrut, a keen historian having deliberately chosen the CCP for its cultural and ethnic neutrality.

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