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The Clamfeld Republic University is a university in Clamfeld, a city in Shipleyriding region of Luthori. The building was built in the era of the First Republic of Luthori. The "republic" word in the name of the university is represents the respect of the First Republic.


In the end of the fifth millennium, some liberal or centrist political scientists and lawyers decided that they must formed a university with republican principles. Hershey Wood (ancestor of Louisa Wood) was became the first rector in September, 4598.

The 47th century[]

The university survived the Restoration of the Empire at 4622, but it must change it name to Clamfeld University without the "republic" word. But the institution still retained it republican principles and resisted the Empire. The professors resisted against that they calling Franz Reichert the 'Restorator of the Empire' in lectures. Furthermore they rebelled against anti-republican imperial inspectors who wanted to disband the university. Hershey Wood was died in 4645 and Stephen Geyser became rector. He was a true progressive man who - unknowingly - prepared the institution to the Communist Revolution. The professors accepted the gender-course as a subject; they accepted the new Clamfeld University House Rules 4661 what contained that all student was entitled to this university and don't matters the differences like sexual, religious, racial...; and they create an opposition newspaper called University Times, what constantly criticized the Empire and support the restoration of the Republic. Stephen Geyser was resigned at 4682 referred to poor health. After Geyser the new rector was Gellert Melch, an unpolitical lawyer. His reign was peaceful, the university don't searched the conflicts with the Empire and current government and contained the progressive-liberal reforms of Geyser. During the Hamm I Cabinet the university restored their original name to Clamfeld Republic University.

The 48th century[]

The university's original name survive the Second Restoration what was short-lived. Gellert Melch was died at 4726 and Louise Herbert became the rector. He is the current leader of the institution. Many people accuse Herbert with particracy and excessive cooperation with the Left for Progress.

The Left for Progress[]

In December, 4728 the LP was formed in the library of the university. And from the students and professors of the university. The Progress also held here it first congress, the The First Congress of the Delegates. Collot Emmillion a Canrillaise-luthorian Professor of Sociology was became the leader of the new party. If we can believe the polls then the LP got more than 3,000 votes from the students of the university in the election at July, 4729 (this is more than half of every votes in Shipleyriding for the party).