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Coalition for Imperial Cooperation
Coalizione per la Cooperazione Imperiale
CIC logo
Concordia, Cooperation and Prosperity!
December 4669
Youth wing
Student wing
Constitutional Monarchism
Political position
International affiliation
310 / 681
3 / 5
0 / 13
Politics of Istalia
Political parties
Elections in Istalia

The Coalition for Imperial Cooperation (Istalian: Coalizione per la Cooperazione Imperiale, CIC), often called simply Imperial Coalition or The Coalition, is a political coalition formed in Istalia by the National Alliance for the Empire and the National Conservative Party to contest together the Istalian elections and offer a more solid right-wing alternative to the Left.

The two parties are expected to contest together their first elections as Imperial Coalition in 4670.


The Coalition for Imperial Cooperation was founded in December 4669 on initiative of leader of the National Alliance, Davide Valentani, at the time outgoing Prime Minister who had to face a constitutional crisis with the opposition, foremost the coalition Republican Front, on the Presidency of the National Assembly, controlled by the leftist coalition for more than a decades, which was solved with the recognition of the party's coalitions as single parties in electing the President.

The Coalition was thus founded first of all to have higher chances to control the Presidency of the National Assembly but also to counter the anti-monarchical sentiments and the socialist statism of the Left promoting liberal and business-friendly policies.

The CIC contested its first elections in 4670 resulting the largest coalition with more than 45% of the vote, although the Republican Front and the Socialists & Democrats achieved to control the majority of the seats of the National Assembly. Anyway the result was satisfactory for the center-right coalition, convinced that it had contributed to the excellent turnout of those elections by convincing many liberals and monarchists to come back to the polls to confront republicans and socialists.


Coalition's logo was created by the graphic designer Marco Notte, from the Publistalia, leader agency of the advertising sector in the country, commissioned by Davide Valentani, ANI's leader, who however contributed with the basic idea from which to start: the Imperial Eagle.

Marco Notte stylized the shape of the eagle to the maximum by affixing to a circle delta wings facing downwards and coloring it by dividing it into three sectors: a central red circle on which the white aquila head rests, a white circular band in which the name of the coalition is reported in blue Istalia, and finally the border and the wings in green, color of the coalition.

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