Coburan Apostolic Tewahedo Church
Cob church coptic
የኮቡራ የሐዋርያት ተዋሕዶ ቤተ ክርስቲያን
TypePatriarchal Hosian
Theistic philosophyMonotheistic, Unitarian
Supreme divinityElyon
Major ProphetsAriel, Elior, Eliyahu
Catholicos-PatriarchYusab I
RegionCobura, Zardugal, diaspora
Headquarters Sharba, Irkawa
Founded8th century
3527 (autocephaly)
RecognitionApostolic Church of the East
Liturgical languageIrkawan, Mallan
Liturgical riteCoburan (OOC: Alexandrian) Rite
MembersApproximately 50 million

The Coburan Apostolic Tewahedo Church is one of the five autocephalous (independent) churches that are part of the Apostolic Church of the East. Eastern Hosianism was initially brought to Cobura by Barmenian missionaries, who established the Catholicosate of Cobura. The Catholicosate was granted autocephaly in 3527 by the Barmenian Patriarch Wrntukai II, upon request from the Ras of All Mallans and the Lashane of all Irkawans. The Church is predominantly followed by the Irkawan and Mallan people.

Tewahedo (Mallan: ተዋሕዶ) or Ouōt (Irkawan: Ouot), meaning "being made one" or "unified", interpreted as "unitarian", refers to the Eastern Hosian belief in the unitary nature of God, rejecting the Binitarianism of the Aurorian Churches. Eastern Hosians in Cobura and Zardugal adopted the term in the Middle Ages to distinguish themselves from the mainstream church of the Augustan Empire.

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