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Members of the Army being inspected in parade dress.

The Coburan Army controls the land-based forces of the Coburan Armed Forces and is commanded by the Chief of the Army. There are 40 divisions and 6 brigades in Coburan Army, each consisting of around 14,000 and 8,000 personnel. In addition to the 'regular' combat arms are five divisions of the 'National Defence Forces' which are static infantry units tasked with defending the 'territorial integrity' of the homeland. Each province has at least one division of NDF at their disposal.


Army is controlled by Chief of Army of Army Headquarter.

  • Army Headquarter
    • First Army
    • Second Army
    • Third Army
    • Fourth Army
    • Special Warfare Command
    • Army Logistics Command
    • Army Training and Doctrine Command
    • Army Intelligence Command
    • National Defence Forces Command

Army HeadquarterEdit

As a strategic reserve, 2 divisions and 1 brigade report directly to the Chief of Army

  • 7th Airborne Division
  • 9th Cavalry Division
  • 11th Ranger Brigade

First ArmyEdit

The First Army is located in Dilganato.

  • I Corps
    • 5th Infantry Division
    • 6th Infantry Division
    • 24th Armoured Brigade
    • 10th Armoured Division
  • VIII Corps
    • 19th Armoured Division
    • 26th Infantry Division
    • 44th Infantry Division
    • 53rd Infantry Division
  • XI Corps
    • 107th Armoured Division
    • 110th Infantry Division
    • 114th Infantry Division
Cob army

Infantry deploying from a helicopter.

Second ArmyEdit

Based in Egato province, it consists of:

  • IV Corps
    • 2nd Armoured Division
    • 41st Armoured Division
    • 3rd Infantry Division
    • 7th Infantry Division
  • X Corps
    • 54th Mountain Division
    • 55th Mountain Division
    • 57th Infantry Division
    • 52nd Armoured Division
  • XI Corps
    • 121st Infantry Division
    • 125th Infatnry Division
    • 128th Armoured Division

Third ArmyEdit

Based in Irkawa, the Third Army consists of the following units:

  • II Corps
    • 1st Armoured Division
    • 17th Infantry Division
    • 15th Mountain Division
  • VII Corps
    • 27th Airborne Division
    • 13th Infantry Division
    • 18th Armoured Division
  • IX Corps
    • 30th Armoured Division
    • 34th Infantry Division
    • 40th Infantry Division

Fourth ArmyEdit

Fourth Army defend southern provinces include Domale and Tokundi.

  • V Corps
    • 11th Armoured Division
    • 14th Infantry Division
    • 25th Infantry Division
  • III Corps
    • 8th Infantry Division
    • 9th Infantry Division
    • 21st Armoured Division
  • VI Corps
    • 12th Armoured Division
    • 37th Infantry Division
    • 43rd Infantry Division

​Special Warfare CommandEdit

Special Warfare Command was created to fight insurgency in Cobura. After civil war, it command special forces of army and conducted counter-terrorism mission and irregular operations.

  • 1st Airborne Brigade
  • 2nd Long Range Infiltration Brigade
  • 3rd Long Range Infiltration Brigade
  • 4th Airborne Brigade

​National Defence Forces CommandEdit

National Defence Forces Command controls NDF divisions across the country. NDF defend homeland in time of war and assist domestic counter-terrorism activity.

  • 47th NDF Division
  • 48th NDF Division
  • 49th NDF Division
  • 50th NDF Division
  • 51st NDF Division
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