Collectivism is a branch of anarchism, which opposes individualism. It is based on anarchism and the communal property, meaning that the means of productions would be managed by the workers through communities. Wealth is distributed according to the work done, in opposite to Communism, which distributes wealth according to need.

Collectivism would become an open branch for more ideologies, leaving it's anarchist-only idea. Some socialists would then start using a State-Collectivism.

Collectivism in Terra[edit | edit source]

There hasn't been any example of a Collectivist society, but yes of political parties and famous people. Collectivism has been really popular on Telamon since the existence of the Telamonese anarchy.

Collectivist Philosophers[edit | edit source]

Collectivist Parties[edit | edit source]

Collectivist Societies[edit | edit source]

The Telamonese anarchy wasn't exactly a collectivist society, since both Anarcho-Communist and Collectivist economies existed there. This lasted 54 years.

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