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Collot Emmillion is an Canrillaise-luthorian politician who one of the founding members of the Left for Progress Party. He is the Supreme Super-delegate of the LP so virtually he is the Party Leader since December, 4728.


He was born in Ollau, the capital city of Alduria. His father was a primary school teacher of history. His mother was a secretary. So he was born in a middle class, intellectual family. He have two older sisters, Tatiana and Constance.

Early Life[]

He went to primary school and high school in Ollau. In primary schools his favourite subject was the geography and - as he says - he become a true republican when he read the "Republiqué d'Aldurie" text in the books.

In high school he was a good student with good marks and he had good chances to the university - but not in Ollau and not in Alduria.

The Migration[]

In 4720 the Emmillion-family moved to Luthori. Exact they move to Fort William. The cause of the migration of the family was the money - Clélie got a job in a famous office of Fort William. Collot went to university in the capital city of Luthori. He wanted to become a University Professor of Sociology. He finished the studies in 4725 and he researched a job. He got a job in the Clamfeld Republic University in Shipleyriding region.

Political Carrier[]

In 4728 he wrote a writing to the University Times, the official newspaper of the Clamfeld Republic University about he was welcomed the Second Republic. This was he's first political writing. After this, he wrote a lot of writings to newspaper like the Clamfeld Newspaper or the Shipleyriding Morning. He criticized the White Rose and supported the Bat-Elle I Cabinet. Some of his readers, students and fellow professors was contacted him to create a party for centre-left, liberal people. He was thinking, but accepted the proposal. In December, 4728 he and other thirteen people was founded the Left for Progress Party in the library of the Clamfeld Republic University. In this month, they was held their The First Congress of the Delegates and Collot was elected to the position of Party Leader by the delegates. He create their own fraction within the party what called Social Democratic Fraction. This internal fraction won the voting in the The Second Congress. In the Elections at July, 4729 he was the candidate for President of the LP, but he got just 40,000 votes. In the The Third Congress, after the elections, he was initiated a distrust vote against himself. But the majority of the delegates want that he stay in position.

In 4731, the Early Fourth Congress was accepted the choice of the Supreme Delegates who - under he influence - decided that the LP don't nominate a candidate for the Head of State. In this congress he became the candidate for Foreign Affairs but he stay in position as the Supreme Super-delegate.

Private Life[]

He is heterosexual, but now he is single. He had a relationship with Dakota Fuller, a graphic and the founding member of the LP, but that relationship was ended at December, 4730.