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Common Wealth Party
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Party Leader
4720 as Independent Social Democratic Party 4728 as Common Wealth Party
Worker's Palace HQ (Harbour Road 8, Port Shippington)
Holy Luthorian Empire
Student Wing
Youth Wing
Social Democratic Youth- Left Union Youth



Common Ownership
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Centre-left to left-wing
Imperial Diet
12 / 150
Duchies Diets Seats
0 / 500

The Common Wealth Party is a centre-left political union and party in Luthori founded in 4720 as the Independent Social Democratic Party after splitting from the SDP and in 4728 as the Common Wealth Party .The CWP is composed of independent, centrist, left-nationalist, social-liberal and socialist parties and trade unions.

The CWP advocates nationalization, more socialization and public and common ownership, democracy, more workers' rights, better working conditions, freedom, equality, unity and stands for fair and prosperous economy that are the foundations of a democratic society based on socialism and grass-roots politics.

History Edit

Independent Social Democratic Party

The Independent Social Democratic Party was founded in 4720 when several members and parliamentarians left the moderate Social Democratic Party and organized themselves into a new party. The former members criticized the Social Democratic Party, which was formerly regarded as the hope of the left, that it had very moderate political and monrchaistic positions and policies and that it did not correspond to the social democratic values. In February 4720, many parliamentarians and members left the SDP. The Independent Social Democratic Party as the more left-wing and more radical splinter party was founded.

Litsa Blau

In 4721 the parliamentarian Litsa Blau was elected as leader. It gave the party a structure that is exceptional in the Luthori political landscape. She led the party in three elections, each time increasing the number of seats. From 4726 Litsa Blau became Prime Minister and led the Blau I Cabinet. She resigned from party 4728 because she wanted to make room for more radical ideas and change in the party.

Common Wealth Party

After Litsa Blau resigned, the party chair was elected. Many moderate and social democrats participated in the election. After an election campaign, however, the very young and radical student Aida Bat-Elle won. She changed the name and the structures of the party and transformed it into the Common Wealth Party.

Aida Bat-Elle

The radical young student and former leader of the left radical student won the party leadership election. She received the support of 65.8% of the membership and automatically became a party leader. She polarized students and workers because is comming from a working-class and migrant family background. She advocated radical and socialist policies and change. In doing so, she had decided to form a new alliance of radical, socialist and independent leftist parties and trade unions. She renamed the party to the Common Wealth Party and adopted new political principles: Common Ownership, Radicality in Politics and Vital Democracy. 

The Common Wealth Party's main goal (Clause I., introduced by Aida Bat-Elle and other members):

To secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry and the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange, and the best obtainable system of popular administration and control of each industry or service

For the election of 4734 she introduced a very radical manifesto and with this manisfesto she and the CWP fought in the election. Despite the increase of votes and seats, it was not enough for a left-wing majority. After the election, she announced that she will introduce for the next election an even more radical manifesto.

Even if Aida Bat-Elle and CWP wrote an even more radical manifesto for 4739 election and went into the election campaign with new radical ideas, there was a large electoral and seat loss. Even it was not enough for a left-wing majority.

In May 4739 Bat-Elle had called for a vote of confidence in her. However, with surprising support of 71.8% of the membership, she had won with a landslide. With the support of her colleagues and members she had decided to radicalize even more the party and to write propably the most radical manifesto of Luthori for the next election.

Election Results Edit

Parliamentary elections Edit

Year Votes % +/- Seats +/- Status
4722 6,898,108 10.57 New
16 / 150
Increase 16 In opposition
4723 8,009,492 12.45 Increase 1.88 %
18 / 150
Increase 2 In opposition
4724 11,273,668 16.87 Increase 4.43 %
27 / 150
Increase 9 Ferina I, Blau I, Bat-Elle I
4729 8,283,557 12.56 Decrease 4.31 %
18 / 150
Decrease 9 In opposition
4734 8,961,214 15.06 Increase 2.50 %
22 / 150
Increase 4 In opposition
4739 6,731,530 10.68 Decrease 4.38 %
14 / 150
Decrease 8 In opposition
4740 5,940,262 9.44 Decrease 1.23 %
12 / 150
Decrease 2 In opposition
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