Tunnustuksellisten Trigunian kirkko

Konfessional'naja tserkov' Trigunii

Luther Rose
Theistic Philosophy Monotheistic
Founders Matti Jurvinen
Messiah Eliyahu
Prophet Matti Jurvinen, Martyn Luthor
Church Organization Episcopal
Headquarters Sebenogorsk, Trigunia
Founded 1816
Membership Estimated 55 million

Confessional Church of Trigunia (before 3212 - Confessional Sullestian Church) is main Independent Confessional Church in Trigunia.


Confessional Church of Trigunia  was founded in 1816 by Matti Jurvinen as Independent Confessional Church of East Trigunia.

In 2576 it was renamed in Independent Confessional Church of Lesser Chadonia

In 3342 it was renamed in Confessional Sullestian Church.

In 3345 Archidiocese of Kildan Olvar has been divided in Archidiocese of Sebenogorsk and Diocese of Kalliosaari

In 3379 in the Confessional Sullestian Church entered Independent Confessional Church of Trigunia.

In 3412 Confessional Sullestian Church was renamed in Confessional Church of Trigunia


The main teaching of Confessional Church of Trigunia is Jurvinism. Jurvinism is based on the teachings of Martyn Luthor, with some modifications placed there by Matti Jurvinen.

The basis of the doctrine of Jurvinism are the following principles:

  • Faith is a gift of God. God has given the gift of faith to every child who is born in this world.

    Matti Jurvinen, founder of Confessional Church of Trigunia

  • Baptism is an agreement of good conscience with God where God strengthens the faith of child and raise him in the care of the congregation. A human who has fallen from the grace of baptism can get his gift of faith back via repentance.
  • Repentance is a change of mind. It includes repentance and pain of sin, but at the same time believing in the gospel there is absolution of sins according to Luther.
  • Communion is a remembrance meal which was set up by Jesus. It is meant to strengthen believers faith.
  • Kingdom of God can be discovered from earth according to Jesus teachings. It is a kingdom of grace on the earth and kingdom of glory in the heaven. The Kingdom of God is unanimous in faith, doctrine and love.


The head of the Church is the current Archbishop of Sebenogorsk. Confessional Church of Trigunia divided into 5 dioceses:

Diocese Founded Cathedral Territory
Arhidiocese of Sebenogorsk 1816 Sebenogorsk Cathedral Sebenogorsk County
Diocese of Tirgith 1843 St. Nicolas Cathedral Tirgith Island
Diocese of Chadonia 1763 Genrichgrad Cathedral Chadonia Island
Diocese of Milrata 1854 Lesozero Cathedral Milrata
Diocese of Kalliosaari 3345 Mäntyjärvi Cathedral Kalliosaari, except Sebenogorsk County
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