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Congress of the Union
SpeakerMuhammad Atiq, PASOK
Members500 deputies, 100 senators
Kalopian senate 4008
Political groups     PASOK (84)
     POLIRIKO (16)
Kalopian house 4008
Political groups     PASOK (370)
     POLIRIKO (130)
Last election4008
Meeting place
Palace of Congress, Helios
Web site

The Congress of the Union is the national legislature of the Central Majatran Union of Kalopia-Wantuni. It is a bicameral legislature consisting of the lower House of Deputies (500 seats) and the upper House of Senators (100 seats). The Congress in its current form was established in the year 4000, following the Christofist Revolution.


The Parliament is the representative body of the citizens in the republican institutions, and act accordingly. Under the Constitution of 4000, the two chambers of Congress hold the same legislative power, albeit With certain separate functions. The lower House of Deputies consists of 500 members, and is elected directly by the people. Deputies exercise major legislative power, but do not have the power to remove a cabinet without approval from the President of the Union, who heads the executive branch. Senators are elected semi-directly; that is, while they are elected based on political parties' share of the vote, voters do not have a direct influence in which specific senators represent them. The House of Senators is generally weaker than the lower chamber, and serves a primarily ceremonial role.

Electoral systemEdit


The current form of the Congress was established by the Constitution of 4000 following the 3993-3994 coup d'état, dubbed the Christofist Revolution. From 3994 to the year 4000, the country's previous constitution was suspended; despite this, the former incarnation remained. However, most opposition deputies were expelled, with the ruling Patriotic Socialist Movement winning a majority in the 3994 elections. For the following six years, the body functioned as a constitutional assembly, leading up to its reform as the Congress of the Union in 4000.

Historical legislaturesEdit

This incomplete list summarizes the membership of legislatures following the Christofist Revolution and the Millennial Constitution.

Congress of the Union
Term Composition
House of Deputies House of Senators By caucus (Dep. — Sen.)
I 3994 — 4000 Kalopian house 3994 Kalopian senate 3994 PASOK (320 — 30)
KANTI (89 — 15)
RIZKO (17 — 3)
Mixed (74 — 52)
II 4000 — 4004 Kalopian house 4000 Kalopian senate 4000 PASOK (442 — 70)
RIZKO (55 — 8)
Mixed (3 — 22)
III 4004 — 4008 Kalopian house 4004 Kalopian senate 4004 PASOK (470 — 92)
RIZKO (30 — 8)
IV 4008 — 4012 Kalopian house 4008 Kalopian senate 4008 PASOK (370 — 84)
POLIRIKO (130 — 16)
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