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Congress of Representatives of the Deltarian Republic

Kongres zástupců Republiky Deltarsky
Coat of arms or logo
Logo of the Congress
Founded1 August 5142
Tatiana Jilemničková, NH
since 21 August 5146
Leader of the House
Albert Adámek, DUD
since 13 November 5147
Deputy Leader of the House
Dominik Kašpar, DUD
since 13 November 5147
Leader of the Opposition
Dorián Péter, P
since 23 September 5143
Political groups
Government (252)
  •      NH (102)
  •      JFZ (76)
  •      DUD (74)

Opposition (190)

  •      P (113)
  •      Rebirth (51)
  •      RP (26)

Vacant (108)

  •      Vacant (108)
    •      SDE (66)
    •      DSS (42)
Regional based proportional system
Last election
10 August 5146
Next election
No later than August 5150
Meeting place
Republic Palace, Čachtice

The Congress of Representatives (Daralian: Kongres zástupců Republiky Deltarsky) is the national legislature and the supreme decision-making body of Deltaria. Since 5142, the Congress has been a unicameral legislature with 550 members (zastupitel/zastupitelka), elected proportionally and serving, since the same year, fixed four-year terms. The 5146 Deltarian general election is the most recent held general election.

The constitutional functions of the Congress are enumerated in the Constitution of the Republic, and its internal workings are specified in greater detail in Article 4 of the Constitution. The seat of the Congress is at Parliament House (Daralian: Dům parlamentu), in the central parts of Čachtice.


The Congress performs the normal functions of a legislature in a parliamentary democracy. It enacts laws, amends the constitution and appoints a government. In most parliamentary democracies, the head of state commissions a politician to form a government. Under the new Constitution enacted in 5142, that task was removed from the Monarch of Deltaria and given to the President of the Republic, as a part of transition towards republican system under the new Constitution.


The presidium consists of Speaker of the Congress, Leader and Deputy Leader of the House.

Speaker of the Congress[]

Speaker of the Congress is getting proposed to the Congress alongside cabinet proposal, and usually, Speaker is the member of coaltion party. Speaker is elected for a four-year term, and can't get removed from the position, unless new one if appointed, or Speaker is impeached by the Constitutional Court.


Since approval of the new Constitution, no party has won a majority of seats. Political parties with similar agendas consequently cooperate on several issues, forming coalition governments or other formalized alliances. Parties marked in italic are a part of government.

Party Leaders Seats Seat share (%)
Progressives Dorián Péter 113 20.55
Our Voice Gabriel Novák 102 18.55
United Federal Union Miloš Laska 76 13.82
Democratic Union of Deltaria Albert Adámek 74 13.45
Rebirth Grigorii Alexey Viktorov 51 9.27
Republican Party Gabriel Suchánek 26 4.73
Vacant (elected for SDE and DSS) 108 19.64
Total 550 100