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Coninenbelt I cabinet
Kabinet-Coninenbelt I
Flag of Saridan.png
8th Cabinet of Saridan
Date formed14 May 4996
People and organisations
Head of stateDaniël De Villiers
Head of governmentAnnemarije Coninenbelt
Member parties     Progressiewe
Status in legislatureMajority government
145 / 145
Opposition party     HSP (5004-)
Election(s)4996 federal election
5000 federal election
5005 federal election
Legislature term(s)8th Federal Parliament
9th Federal Parliament
10th Federal Parliament
PredecessorGroenewald II

The first cabinet of Annemarije Coninenbelt is 8th government of Federal Republic of Saridan after it became a federation. It's a majority government formed on 14 May 4996 by Progressiewe after 4996 federal election.


Office Name Party
Minister-President Annemarije Coninenbelt P
Federal Ministry of Seleyan and International Affairs Lilanie Haarhof P
Federal Ministry of Interior Tilana Thompson P
Federal Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Tanitha Pieterse P
Federal Ministry of Defence Trudene Oosthuizen P
Federal Ministry of Justice Altus Cloete P
Federal Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Hanru Wessels P
Federal Ministry of Health, Climate and Environment Dr. Aba Steenkamp P
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Services Philippus Engelbrecht P
Federal Ministry of Education, Culture and Arts Matthys Haarhoff P
Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Dr. Jeanique Breytenbach P
Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture Lateef Strydom P
Federal Ministry of Trade and Industry Kaikura De Villiers P