Conservatism is a political ideology appealing for the status quo and traditions. While Conservatives tend to be aligned on the right spectrum and considered to be Capitalists, some Conservatives may also be considered socialists.

The most radical Conservatives tend to not support LGBT+ rights and feminism and tend to support monarchies, Imperialism, religions and reformism.

Branches of Conservatism Edit

Liberal Conservatism Edit

Liberal Conservatism is a less radical form of Conservatism, usually supporting free markets and private ownership of the means of production.

Social Conservatism Edit

Social Conservatism, or Ethical Conservatism is Conservatism, generally skeptical to social changes and believes in keeping the traditions regarding family, religion and such.

National Conservatism Edit

National Conservatism is a variant of conservatism that concentrates on upholding national and cultural identity. It shares characteristics with traditionalist conservatism and social conservatism given how the three variations focus on preservation and tradition. As national conservatism seeks to preserve national interests, traditional conservatism emphasizes ancestral institutions and social conservatism. National-conservative parties often have roots in environments with a rural, traditionalist or peripheral basis, contrasting with the more urban support base of liberal-conservative parties. In developed countries, most embrace some form of skepticism towards globalism.

Neo-Conservatism Edit

Neo-Conservatism or (New Conservatism) is a variant of conservatism that advocate the promotion of democracy and interventionism in international affairs. Neo-Conservatives usually have a hawkish stance in foreign policies & although it usually endorses free markets and capitalism, favoring supply-side economics. It has odds with classical liberalism and fiscal conservatism. As to safeguard democracy, government intervention and budget deficits may sometimes be necessary.

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