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Conservative Party
Party Leader
Holy Luthorian Empire
Student Wing
Conservative Students
Youth Wing
Secularism, liberalism, social conservatism
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Imperial Diet
103 / 600
Duchies Held
1 / 5

The Conservative Party is a political party in Luthori created in 4643. The party is strongly anti-secular and supports lower taxes.

History Edit

The party contests its first election in 4644. It is one of the big surprises of the vote. The party receives more than 10 % of the votes and gains 66 seats. It also receives more than 30 % of the votes in the duchy of Middenriding, become the first party of the duchy.

Its success is explained by the rise of the anti-secular sentiment in response to the success of the religious Holy Luthori Church.

In 4645, the party gains 12 seats at the early election.

It decides to join the Sanders Cabinet with the far-right religious HLC, despite being an anti-secular party.

After the 4649 early election, the party joins the Pope William's Cabinet with the HLC.

The party dissolves in 4651 following leaderships issues with the participation of the HLC in a cabinet with the party.

Electoral results Edit

Date Votes % +/- Seats +/- Government Position
4644 6,881,500 10.61 New
66 / 600
Increase 66 In opposition 6th
4645 8,225,325 13.04 Increase 2.43 %
78 / 600
Increase 12 Sanders Cabinet 3rd
4649 11,194,634 17.04 Increase 4.01 %
103 / 600
Increase 25 Pope William's Cabinet 2nd
4651 7,607,006 11.20 Decrease 5.84 %
68 / 600
Decrease 35 Pope William's Cabinet 4th
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