The Conservative Party of Badara is currently a minor party in Badara. The current leader is Jack Castor! It was founded in April 4694. 

List of PresidentEdit

Name of the President Took Office  Left Office Notes Vice President(s)
Jack Castor

April 1st 4694

Incumbent 1st Leader

Vacant: April 1st 4694-October 5th 4694

Jim Jones: October 5th 4694- December 8th, 4694

Vacant: December 8th, 4694-Incumbent

Seats in the People's CouncilEdit

The party has none so far.

Election Leader of the Party Seats in Council Place Governemnt Status

Party Organization or Affiliated withEdit


  • Jim Jones started a coup to assume President of the Conservative Party of Badara, was arrested and removed!
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