Conservative Party
Conservative Party Sekowo Logo 2520
"Standing up for Sekowo"
Ideology Conservatism, Christian Democracy, Economic Liberalism
Founded 2519
Party Leader Peter Kurt Baumgartner
City Katanus (Undarro)
Nation Sekowo
Political Compass
Economic Left/Right +2.97
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian +4.12
Cabinet Members
Defense Peter Kurt Baumgartner
Primary Organizations World Capitalist Alliance
Secondary Organizations Right-Wing Party Association

Conservative Union
The International Association For Space Research And Development

The Conservative Party of Sekowo, colloquially known as the "Tories" and "CP", was a conservative political party in Sekowo formed in 2519. The party was last led by Peter Kurt Baumgartner. It is now long disbanded.



Kurt Heinz Baumgartner, as the CEO of Baumgartner Holdings Inc., noticed a trend of the government towards socialist ideals that would damage the economy. As the socialists and communists in power became corrupt, the conditions became harsher for businesses to operate. Baumgartner founded the Conservative Party in the Sekowo with the aim of establishing a responsible and accountable government that would save the economy and defend proper ideals.

Party LeadersEdit


  • 2519 - 2533 Burnside Tower, Katanus, Undarro
  • 2533 - present Tower of Sofia, Sno'quam, Hasowar


Ideology, Principles and PoliciesEdit

Position: right


Position: centre

The CP are a centrist party as we feel certain laws should be handled by a local government while others should be regulated at the federal level.

Civil RightsEdit

Position: right of centre


Position: centre

The CP feels strongly about protecting the environment. However, the CP stops short of destroying the Sekowan economy as it is a higher priority for the CP and the people of Sekowo.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Position: right of centre

Government ResponsibilitiesEdit

Position: centre


Position: managed free-market


Position: defensive


Position: conservative


Position: religious

Electoral ResultsEdit


Election YearCandidate# of Cand.# of Total Votes# of Votes Won (1st Rnd)% of VotePos. (1st Rnd)Winner
2520Kurt Heinz Baumgartner796,382,60179,4080.08%7 FDP
2523Kurt Heinz Baumgartner895,404,94612,272,53812.86%4DSP
2526Kurt Heinz Baumgartner796,262,34414,098,23114.63%4SCP
2529Kurt Heinz Baumgartner8100,375,11810,853,87110.81%5 FDP


Election Year# of Total Seats# of Seats Won# of Total Votes# of Votes Won% of Popular VoteResult
2520750097,712,22538,8030.04% DSP coalition government
25237509395,489,73911,913,60312.48% DSP coalition government
25267507695,601,3089,789,74610.13% DSP coalition government
25297506499,732,1158,742,4358.77% FDP coalition government

Party Caucus and CriticsEdit


LeaderFritz Melchior SchulzJanuary 2531CP Folkstämma Leader
Deputy LeaderPeter Kurt BaumgartnerJanuary 2531
PresidentKurt Heinz BaumgartnerJanuary 2530CP National Council
WhipStefan GermannJanuary 2531
Foreign AffairsWerner HahnJanuary 2531
Internal AffairsChristoph Willi AllemannApril 2530
FinanceWilhelm KochDecember 2519
DefencePeter Kurt BaumgartnerOctober 2530current cabinet member
JusticeWalter Horst RausApril 2530
Infrastructure and TransportGustav HristovJuly 2525
Health and Social ServicesFelix Hubert SchmidtSeptember 2529
Education and CultureGertrude ZinguelJune 2522
Science and TechnologyHeinz Filip SchumacherMarch 2520
Food and AgricultureKaspar Maurice CouchetardApril 2525current cabinet member
Environment and TourismStefan Uter ZimmermannDecember 2519
Trade and IndustryAdelbert SchmidtApril 2530


Baumgartner, Ludwig Otto - former Whip
Feldstein, Albert Beat - former Science and Technology critic
Fischer, Karl - former Food and Agriculture critic
Klein, Beat Lukas - former Internal Affairs critic
Mueller, Daniel Franz - former Trade and Industry critic
Schroeder, Monica Julia - former Health critic

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