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Cover of the Kyo edition of the Constitution

The Socialist People's Constitution of the Union of Communist Councilist Republics, commonly shortened to the Constitution of the Rowiet Union (Kyo: 로연헌법, Draniano: Constitución de la Unión Rowiética Draddwyr: Cyfansoddiad Yr Undeb Rowietaidd) is the supreme law of the Rowiet Union. It defines the basis, structures, and organization of government, the relationship between different government bodies and the Communist Party, and lays out the relations between the Union and Republic governments. The current constitution was instituted on August 21 4929.



Lays out the purpose of the UCCR; which is to achieve world Communism. Also provides basic historical background.

Article I[]

Article I outlines the basic functions and organs of the UCCR. Establishes the constitution as the supreme law; invests supreme power into the Rowis; defines and outlines the CCRs and ACCRs, and lists the Communist Party as the paramount organ of political organization.

Article II[]

Article II establishes the positions and offices of the UCCR. The Capital is in Seongtaek; and houses the Supreme Council. The President is to be universally elected and holds limited powers. The Commissarial Council is elected by the Supreme Rowi and implements and enforces laws; with the Chairman at its' helm. The Chairman of the CPRU is the Commander in Chief and leads the Red Army.

Article III[]

Article III establishes administrative divisions under the CCRs. These are Cities and Provinces at the Secondary level; with Districts and Counties at the Tertiary level. All are required to have an apportioned Rowi indirectly elected through Worker's Committees; and a universally elected executive.

Article IV[]

Article IV outlaws private property and stipulates that all is held by the collective people. Lists "Housing, Education, Transport, Healthcare, Food, and all other amenities" as rights of the people. Gives basic guidelines for the Commissariat of National Economy.

Article V[]

Article V establishes national symbols; in particular the Flag, Emblem, and Anthem.

Article VI[]

Article VI provides regulations and protocol for amendment, replacement, and suspension of the Constitution.

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Free Republic of Dankuk

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