Constitutional Solidarity Party
PresidentJack Simms, George McCormack, Theodore Walmsley-Scotter
FoundersJack Simms
FoundedApril 4609
Headquarters56 Winipol Way, Newtonia, Ardinia
Student wingConstitutional University Party
Youth wingYoung Constitutionalists
Political positionCentrist
International AffiliationCivil Rights Council, International Court
House of Fellows
38 / 750
2 / 13

The Constitutional Solidarity Party is one of the most important and active parties in Rutania. It is a Centrist Liberal party,  committed to socially progressive policy and financial gains and have at one time or another held all offices of the state.

History of the CSPEdit

When the Party was first formed the only members were Jack Simms and the Late Viscount Amelia Scotter, they are the founding members of the CSP. 

Jacks father was historical member of the Labour Party, however, when he became disillusioned with his party he set out to change politics for the better. He then met the then 1st Lt. Amelia Scotter a progressive officer in Rutania's military. the two decided to start up the CSP. to begin with, Amelia only worked behind the scenes for 4 years the CSP backed either the Coalition of United Rutanians or the Social Egalitarian Party for Representative of Rutania. it was at this point that Jacks father died and jack stepped into his shoes it was only when the Party gained 3rd place in the House of Fellows that Amelia consulted Jack and the Shadow Cabinet and decided to be the parties Candidate for the office of Representative. 

In November 4668 the party suffered a major loss in the Death of Viscount Amelia Scotter ML Gen. PC LL.D the nation went into a period of 2 weeks mourning. The House of Fellows also held a session in which tributes were paid to her work. In that session it was also voted on that she would hold the title Lord High Steward upon her grave. 

The Leadership of the party now sits with 3 people:   

The Right Honourable Jack Simms MP PC KGRC LL.D D, Duke of Merton, Leader of the CSP.

The Right Honourable George d MP PC KGRC LL.M BLe, Deputy Leader of the CSP.

Earl Theodore Walmsley-Scotter ML PC EM KGRC GCHsC, Earl of Eastbarton, Earl Marshal of Rutania, Chair of the CSP.

The party now holds 11 Great offices of State in the current coalition.

The party currently holds 72 seats in the House of Fellows however, the party has previously heald the largest number of Seats and held the office of High Steward for three terms.

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