Consules Rei Publicae
Consuls of the Republic

Consul coa
Consular Seal
Fulvia Arusa Helios Sigilis

Fulvia Arusa
Helios Sigilis

Office Active 3838 - Present
Term Length Varies
Appointer Direct popular election & Selucian Senate
Inaugural Holders Caius Cassius Sophus & Octavia Flavia Hadriana
Residence Domus Consularis

The Consuls (Selucian Consules, sg. Consul) were the two heads of state of Selucia during the first Selucian Republic (1811-1935). The office was revived thousands of years later under the 3838 Republic. The two Consuls jointly served as the leaders of the State and of the Government, as well as the commanders-in-chief of the Armed Forces. In order to balance the two sources of legitimacy in the Selucian Republic, namely the Senate and the People, one Consul was elected by the Senate (thus being known unofficially as Consul Senatorius/Senatoria) and the other by the people by universal suffrage (being therefore unofficially known as Consul Popularis). Other than their different method of appointment, the two Consuls had fully equal rights and responsibilities. In order to limit the possibility that one Consul could have too much power as a result of this system, one Consul could veto the actions of the other, and one Consul's actions can be appealed to the judgment of the other. The Consuls consequently had to work together.

In 4100 the office was abolished and replaced with a semi-presidential system, with the Consul Populi serving as Head of State and the Caesar as Head of Government. Unofficially the term "Consul" was used to refer to both offices, given their relatively equal powers. 

List of ConsulsEdit

First RepublicEdit

Main article: Selucian Empire

Sixth RepublicEdit

Year Consul Popularis Consul Senatorius
3838 Caius Cassius Sophus Octavia Flavia Hadriana
3842 Caeso Cassius Sophus I Lucius Drexsius
3847 Caeso Cassius Sophus II Appius Florus I
3852 Felix von Voralbergius I Appius Florus II
3853 Felix von Voralbergius II Quintus Pontius
3855 Crispus Callum Herminia Valentina I
3858 Cyprianus Tertius Lucius Cassius Aquilinus
3861 Lucius Cassius Aquilinus Herminia Valentina II

Consul Populi and CaesarEdit

Indicates the same party controlled both Head of State and Government at the same time
Year Consul Popularis Consul Senatorius
4100 Ethan Megalos Kyrian Aetius Flavius
4109 Percy Lacoonte
4115 Ethan Megalos Livius Fabilius
4119 Ionnes T. Lustus Athena Scudo
4123 Ethan Megalos Athena Scudo
4127 Tullius A. Palea Martia C. Auricomania
4131 Titus Adonibalus
4135 Tera Pisthis Titus Adonibalus
4136 Tera Pisthis Aelius Celer
4139 Flavius Augustus Aquilinus Aelius Celer
4159 Laelius Domitianus
4163 Hypatia Scafidi Quintus A. Adjutor
4166 Gnaeus A. Primus Quintus A. Adjutor
4169 Augustus Brutus Quintus A. Adjutor
4173 Hypatia Scafidi
4180 Marcus C. Cato Icarion Dadhelus
4184 Hypatia Scafidi Icarion Dadhelus
4188 Marcus C. Cato Icarion Dadhelus
4192 Artemisia Ventor
4196 Jasnus Incridibelus Abundantius Mutilus
4200 Cyro Aquila Abundantius Mutilus
4204 Cyro Aquila Artemisia Ventor
4215 Cassianus Priscus Calventia Regina
4219 Caeparia Milona Silvanus Marcius
4223 C.J. Angelicanus
4224 Caeparia Milona
4228 C. P. Cicero Caius J. Angelicanus
4232 C.J. Angelicanus Aemilia Viridia
4240 Kyros Alanis Aemilia Viridia
4243 Cassianus Priscus Silvanus Marcius
4247 Arria Ivmarus Silvanus Marcius
4248 Cassius Vestinus
4251 Tiberius Varro Cassius Vestinus
4255 Lucius Clodian Decimus C. Afer
4257 Lucius Augustus Clodian
4265 Jerzyr Laskaris
4274 Spuria Vedrix Jerzyr Laskaris
4278 Fabianus Cato Jerzyr Laskaris
4282 Spuria Vedrix Jerzyr Laskaris
4286 Fabianus Cato Jerzyr Laskaris
4290 Petrus Viator Festus Pompeius
4298 Fabianus Cato Orion Sideris
4298 Petrus Viator Orion Sideris
4300 Petrus Viator Festus Pompeius
4302 Sciusso Januaris
4303 Festus Pompeius
4303 Caelus Clemens Sciusso Januaris
4305 Marcus A.M. Cato Vacant
4308 Petrus Viator
4310 Marcos A.M. Cato
4318 Belona Bicansa
4320 Belona Bicansa Cynthia Spirou
4322 Antoninus T.C. Galius Marcianus L.C. Quintus
4325 Aurelia M.C. Prisca
4338 Antoninus T.C. Galius Zalupovius Poulouverius
4344 Odysseus Scalas
4347 Vacant
4350 Athena Gavrus Odysseus Scalas
4350 Argos Loukas
4355 Athena Gavrus Festus Pompeius Jr.
4358 Athena Gavrus Argos Loukas
4362 Marcius Vibius Argos Loukas
4364 Marcius Vibius Festus Pompeius Jr.
4370 Zelotes Siskos Festus Pompeius Jr.
4371 Zelotes Siskos Argos Loukas
4374 Camilla D. Epidia Argos Loukas
4378 Martinus Varro
4379 Postumus Oppidius Hortensius
4382 Postumus Oppidius Hortensius
4387 Gnaeus Lucius
4387 Zelotes Siskos
4391 Martinus Varro
4392 Atia Vinicia Gryllus
4393 A. Gryllus (interim) Atia Vinicia Gryllus
4394 Zelotes Siskos
4400 Zelotes Siskos Gnaeus Lucius
4402 Lars Florius Corvus
4403 Seia Nerva
4406 Atria Avenarius Seia Nerva
4407 Wilhelmus A. Flavius Augustus Scipio Longidium
4411 Hiroto Yukimura Augustus Scipio Longidium
4411 Seia Nerva
4415 Cocus Corbulo
4419 Augustus Scipio Longidium
4420 Wilhelmus A. Flavius Augustus Scipio Longidium
4421 Wilhelmus A. Flavius Seia Nerva
4424 Haider bin Talal al-Mutanabbi
4430 Iennifer Vinicia Opis
4437 Haider bin Talal al-Mutanabbi
4441 Amatia Scipio Aegeus Zografos
4445 Iennifer Vinicia Opis Haider bin Talal al-Mutanabbi
4453 Amatia Scipio Caecilia Bousaid
4457 Cyprianus Tiburtius Numitor Caecilia Bousaid
4461 Fulvia Arusa Helios Sigilis

In bold, election years

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