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Cortes Generales de Egelion
General Cortes of Egelion
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Egelion General Elections 5023
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Palacio de las Cortes
Demar Solad, Amateria

The Cortes Generaes of Egelion (Egelian: Cortes Generales de Egelión), is the unicameral legislature of the Republic of Egelion. It is formally run by the President of Egelion and de facto by the Primer Ministro. It's located in Demar Solad.


The Asamblea Nacional was originally located in Demar Solad, Amateria from the creation of Egelion until 2720. Located in El Gran Palacio, former residence of Amaterian and later Egelion monarchs, it was the symbol of Egelion's former glory and Amateria's dominance in Egelion political life.

In 2720, however, the ruling Coaliton of Mobsters and Crime Lords decided to relocate the capitol to Libertaria. Upon relocation, the house was stripped of most of its Amaterian trappings and became a more neutral site.

In later years it moved back to Demar Solad where it now houses in other buildings.

The Cámara de los Representantes in Demar Solad


Senators are elected for 4 year terms. Senators are appointed based on the proportion of votes recieved by their party. Senators represent an entire province; they have no individual consituencies.

Each province has 35 seats..

The composition of provincial governments is designed to reflect the results of the national elections.

Electoral History[]