Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Kanjor
Conseil des ministres du royaume de Kanjor
Coat of Arms of Kanjor
Agency Overview
Headquarters Atyr, Silliers
Agency executive Armand Baillairgé, Prime Minister

The Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Kanjor (Canrillaise: Conseil des ministres du royaume de Kanjor) is the name for the agency exercising power in Kanjor. The Council of Ministers is proposed by the Prime Minister of Kanjor who is officially appointed by the Governor-General of Kanjor. The Prime Minister in turn appoints the Ministers of the Government to specific positions, they serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister can dismiss them.

The National Assembly of Kanjor is responsible for confirming the appointments by the Governor-General and the Prime Minister. Ministers of the government are the executives of their respective ministries, each of them are paid a government salary, a pension and have health insurance. Ministers of the government are assisted by Secretaries of State (Canrillaise: secrétaire d'État) who are junior ministers of respective ministries.


Office Incumbent Party
Prime Minister of Kanjor Armand Baillairgé Royal Democratic Party
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministère des Affaires étrangères et Seléque
Bethsabée Rossignol PRD
Ministry of Defense
Ministère de la Défense
Benoît Delaunay PRD
Ministry of the Interior
Ministère de l'Intérieur
Mathias Gauthier PRD
Ministry of Economics and Finance
Ministère de l'économie et des finances
Abelone Silvestre PRD
Ministry of Justice
ministère de la Justice
Éva Millet PRD
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
Ministère des infrastructures et des transports
Jean-Yves De Saint-Pierre PRD
Ministry of Health and Social Services
Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux
Yvonne Portier PRD
Ministry of Education and Culture
Ministère de l'éducation et de la culture
Frank Lièvremont PRD
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministère des sciences et de la technologie
Carmen Reverdin PRD
Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Ministère de l'alimentation et de l'agriculture
Rémi Granet PRD
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Ministère de l'environnement et du tourisme
Harmonie Bossuet PRD
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministère du commerce et de l'industrie
Séverin Parmentier PRD
Offices with the Status of Minister
Secretary of State for the Canrillaise Empire Émeric de Deims et Map, Duke of Reims and Map PRD
Secretary of State for Strategic Policy Guillemette Malet PRD
Secretary of State for the National Security Council Pierre-Antoine Lavigne PRD
Secretary of State for Seleyan Affairs Edouard Berthelot PRD
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