Council of Ministers of the

Kingdom of Kazulia
ResidenceUkjentgata 33

The Council of Ministers or King's Council (Kazulianisk: Ministerråd or Kongsrådet) is the chief executive body of the Kingdom of Kazulia. It consists of the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers. The fundamentals of the cabinet's organisation, as well as the method of its election and appointment as well as the procedure for its dismissal, are set down in the articles of the federal constitution.

Appointment Edit

The Prime Minister is elected by the federal parliament (Stortinget) on the proposal of the Monarch with a majority of all members of the Stortinget (Prime Ministerial-majority). However, the Bundestag is free to disregard the Monarch's proposal in which case the parliament may within 14 days hold further ballots and try to elect another individual, which the parties in the Stortinget can now propose themselves, to the post with the same so-called Prime Ministerial-majority, whom the President is then obliged to appoint. If the Stortinget fails to do so, a last ballot will be held on the 15th day (again the parties in the Stortinget may field candidates): If an individual is elected with the Prime Ministerial-majority, the Monarch must appoint him or her as Prime Minister. If not, the Monarch is free to either appoint the individual, who received a plurality of votes on this last ballot, as Prime Minister or to dissolve the Stortinget and call a snap election within 60 days.

Following their election in the Stortinget, the Prime Minister-elect will visit Bornholm Palace, the residence of the Monarch, to receive a certificate of appointment. This is the moment, the elected individual actually enters office. After this short appointment-ceremony, the Prime Minister returns to the Stortinget, in order to take the oath of office. Having taken the oath, the Prime Minister will once again visit Bornholm Palace, this time joined by the individuals, whom they intends to propose as members of their cabinet. The Monarch will officially appoint the new cabinet members, again handing over certificates of appointment. After the ministers are appointed, they return to the Stortinget and take their oaths of office, completing the appointment-process.

Current Composition Edit

Department Position Incumbent In office since
Prime Minister's Office (Kazulia)
Prime Minister's Office
(Statsministerens kontor)
Prime Minister


July 4620
Logo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs


July 4620
Department of Domestic Affairs
(Institutt for innenriksdepartementet)
Minister of Domestic Affairs


July 4620
Logo of the Ministry of Finance
Department of Finance
Minister of Finance


July 4620
Department of Defence
Minister of Defence


July 4620
Logo of the Ministry of Justice
Department of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs
(Avdeling for Riksadvokaten og Juridiske Saker)
Minister of Justice


July 4620
Department of Infrastructure and Transport



Minister of Infrastructure and Transport



July 4620
Department of Health and Social Services

(Helse- og sosiale tjenestersdepartementet)

Minister of Health and Social Services

(Helse-og sosiale tjenesterminister)

July 4620
Department of Education and Culture

(Kunnskaps-og Kulturdepartmentet)

Minister of Education and Culture

(Kunnskaps-og Kulturminister)

July 4620
Department of Science and Technology


Minister of Science and Technology

(Vitenskaps- og teknologiminister)

July 4620
Department of Food and Agriculture

(Landbruks- og matdepartementet)

Minister of Food and Agriculture

(Landbruks- og matminister)

July 4620
Department of the Environment and Tourism

(Miljøvern-og turismedepartementet)

Minister of the Environment and Tourism

(Miljøvern-og turismeminister)

July 4620
Department of Trade and Industry

(Nærings- og handelsdepartementet)

Minister of Trade and Industry

(Nærings- og handelsminister)

July 4620
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