Council of Ministers of the
Kingdom of Kazulia

Council of Minister (Kazulia)
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Ukjentgata 33

1st Hedegaard Ministry
January 4632

Ukjentgata 33

The Council of Ministers of Kazulia (or simply the Cabinet of Kazulia) consists of the Prime Minister (President of the Council of Ministers) and his/her respective ministers. Deputy Prime Minister (Vice-presidents of the Council of Ministers) and presidents of committees specified in statutes may also be appointed to the Cabinet. The Council of Ministers is the body which exercises executive power.

Under the Public Administration Branches Act the Prime Minister, who heads the Council of Ministers, enjoys a considerable degree of freedom in decisions concerning its personnel. The Prime Minister may create, combine, or dissolve departments, change their area of responsibility, and even apply to the Monarch to expand the Council of Ministers to include ministers without portfolio, or coordinators for projects performed by the Council of Ministers, e.g. reform of the educational system or health service.

The Council of Ministers also manages the current policy of state, ensures the execution of the law by issuing ordinances, coordinates and controls the work of government administrative bodies, ensures public order and the internal and external security of the state, protects the interests of the State Treasury, approves the draft of the budget, and supervises its execution. The Council of Ministers also signs international agreements which require ratification, and can revoke other international agreements. Members of the Council of Ministers are jointly responsible to the Stortinget for the operation of the government; they can also be individually responsible for the tasks entrusted to them by the Prime Minister or falling within the authority of their ministries. Any breach of the law or crime related to the offices they hold carry the risk of trial before the State Tribunal, a special court appointed by Stortinget.

Current Composition Edit

Ministry Position Incumbent In office since
Office of the Statsminister

(Statsministerens kontor)

Prime Minister


Kenneth Sivertsen
July 4620
Department of Foreign Affairs


Minister of Foreign Affairs


Dagmar Hedegaard
July 4620
Department of Domestic Affairs

(Institutt for innenriksdepartementet)

Minister of Domestic Affairs


Jakob Henriksen
July 4620
Department of Finance


Minister of Finance


Bjarke Callesen
July 4620
Department of Defence


Minister of Defence


Hjalte Johansen
July 4620
Department of Justice


Minister of Justice


Knud Meldgaard
July 4620
Department of Infrastructure and Transport



Minister of Infrastructure and Transport



Gerhard Smidt
July 4620
Department of Health and Social Services

(Helse- og sosiale tjenestersdepartementet)

Minister of Health and Social Services

(Helse-og sosiale tjenesterminister)

Ernst Høgh
July 4620
Department of Education and Culture

(Kunnskaps-og Kulturdepartmentet)

Minister of Education and Culture

(Kunnskaps-og Kulturminister)

Eigil Ditlevsen
July 4620
Department of Science and Technology


Minister of Science and Technology

(Vitenskaps- og teknologiminister)

Daniel Hviid
July 4620
Department of Food and Agriculture

(Landbruks- og matdepartementet)

Minister of Food and Agriculture

(Landbruks- og matminister)

Daniel Dinesen
July 4620
Department of the Environment and Tourism

(Miljøvern-og turismedepartementet)

Minister of the Environment and Tourism

(Miljøvern-og turismeminister)

Arnold Dalgaard
July 4620
Department of Trade and Industry

(Nærings- og handelsdepartementet)

Minister of Trade and Industry

(Nærings- og handelsminister)

Jeanett Caspersen
July 4620
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