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Council of Ministers
Совет министров
Agency overview
Minister responsible
  • Kazimir Ivanovich Bogolyubov (as of September 4612), Chairman (Prime Minister)

The Council of Ministers (Rodshya: Совет министров, tr. Sovet ministrov) exercises executive power in the government of Trigunia. It consists of the alongside the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, commonly known as the Prime Minister, and various ministers who are responsible for the governance of various sectors of national politics. It has legal mandate in the Constitution of Trigunia.


The current Council of Ministers holds 12 ministries with the Office of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, commonly known as the Prime Minister, counting as a 13th ministry. The Council of Ministers is responsible for dozens of government services and organizations. Currently, according to the Constitution, anyone can propose a new Council of Ministers.


  1. draft and submit the budget to the State Duma; ensure the implementation of the budget and report on its implementation to the State Duma (Trigunia);
  2. ensure the implementation of a uniform financial, credit and monetary policy in Trigunia;
  3. ensure the implementation of uniform state policy in the areas of culture, science, education, health protection, social security, and ecology;
  4. manage federal property;
  5. adopt measures to ensure the country's defense, state security, and the implementation of the foreign policy of Trigunia;
  6. implement measures to ensure the rule of law, human rights and freedoms, the protection of property and public order, and crime control;
  7. exercise any other powers vested in it by the Constitution of Trigunia and laws passed by the State Duma.

Current Council of Ministers (September 4612 - Present)[]

Office Incumbent Party
Prime Minister of Trigunia Kazimir Ivanovich Bogolyubov NDP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Viktor Denysovych Moskalenko NDP
Minister of Internal Affairs Isaak Leonidovich Abdulov NDP
Minister of Finance Erik Georgiy Bovarin NDP
Minister of Defense General Vaniamin Igorevich Yazov NDP
Minister of Justice Rodion (Rodya) Konstantinovich Konnikov NDP
Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christov Petrovich Subbotin NDP
Minister of Health and Social Services Pavlo Vadymovych Lysyuk NDP
Minister of Education and Culture Diana Valerievna Kovalyova NDP
Minister of Science and Technology Maryna Andriyivna Ihnatenko NDP
Minister of Food and Agriculture Viola Filippovna Potyomkina NDP
Minister of Environment and Tourism Heorhij Yaroslavovych Tymchuk NDP
Minister of Trade and Industry Kseniya Serhiyivna Kovalova NDP
Offices with the Status of Minister
President of the State Bank of Trigunia Nikita Fyodorovich Alexeyev No political affiliation
Director of the State Security Service Vasili Kharkov No political affiliation
Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service Lubomir Yaroslavovich Raspopov No political affiliation
Secretary of the Security Council Andrei (Andrusha) Nikolayevich Kasyanov No political affiliation