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Council of Ministers of the

Republic of Valruzia
NominatorPresident of the Republic of Valruzia
AppointerSejm of the Republic of Valruzia
Term length4 years, unless early election called
FormationConstitution of Valruzia

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Valruzia (Valruzian: Rada Minisrów Rzeczypospolitej Walruzyjskiej) is a collective executive decision-making body which serves as the government of the Republic of Valruzia. It consists of Prime Minister and according to constitutional custom in Valruzia, 12 ministers. However, the Prime Ministers are entitled to create new ministries to better address the situation and allow the government to ensure the security of the State's interests. In order to establish new ministries, the Prime Minister needs to obtain the acknowledgment from the Sejm. Prime Minister can appoint special counsels that have similar responsibilities to those of ministers, however, he/she does not need to obtain the Sejm's approval. Prime Minister can freely appoint his deputies. A customary number of deputies of the Prime Minister in Valruzia is 3. The current responsibilities of the Council of Minister of Valruzia are specified by the Consitution of Valruzia (Paragraphs 1-4 of Subsection II, the Article 6).


Formation of a newcabinet begins with, a custom of the President nominating an individual designated by the winning party for the position of Prime Minister, and probiding him with a mission to form a working government. Then the Prime Minister (nominee) presents a proposal to the Sejm in which he presents ministers and requires motion of confidence. The winning party, or coalition may freely skip the presidential nomination part and present it own cabinet bill. After being appointed by the Sejm, Prime Ministers and ministers take the oath in the Presidential Palace, in a ceremony officiated by the president.


As in many other countries with parliamenary-cabinet system, the Council of Ministers of Valruzia is the executive body responsible for managment of the State and issuing regulations and present laws which have to be passed by the Sejm.


The Council of Ministers is headed by the Prime Minister, whose full title is President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Valruzia. Prime Minister is responsible for directing the council's work and he/she has the supreme authority over every minister in the Council. He/She may instruct the ministers and suspend any minster if he/she believes that the specified minister is incapable of executing his/her duties. Prime Minister nomiantes his deputies which are membrs of the council and act as Prime Minister in situations when Prime Minister is incapable of executing his/her duties or is on a foreign visit.


The Council of Ministers is a collective body directly responsible before the Sejm for its operations and undertakings. The cabinet is obligated to answer the questions issued by the members of the Sejm and the Sejm's Marshal. The only way to dismiss the sitting cabinet is to present a constructive motion of no confidence with an alternative cabinet proposal which would replace the sitting Council of Ministers.

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