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The Creed of the Hosioi (Selucian: Symbolum Piorum), also referred to as the Twelve Articles of the Faith is the oldest ecumenical creed of Hosianism. Traditionally attributed to the first hosioi, the Disciples of Eliyahu, it was formalised at an unknown date in the 3rd century CE and spread throughout the nascent Hosian Churches in a form that was virtually universal. It contains many similarities to the later Aurorian Creed formalised at the Council of Auroria, and it is generally held that it formed the basis for this later creed, the rejection of which resulted in the first major schism between the Aurorian and non-Aurorian churches. To date, the Creed of the Hosioi is the only Hosian creed recognised by both Aurorian and non-Aurorian Hosians.


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«Credo in Unum Deum, omnipotentem patrem, Caeli et Terrae factor,

Et in Dominum Nostrum Eliam Pium, Spiritus Dei, salvator,
Qui processus est de Deo, in hominem incarnatus ex Sarahae Virginae,
Qui a hominibus impiis fugatus est in desolationem, et quadraginta oravit,
De voluntatis eius acceptavit exilium in Infernum ad peccata nostra tollenda,
Qui passus redimit nostrum, et triumphans rediit tertia die,
Vanescit in Occultationem in Caelis, donec Die Salvationis,
Iterum venturus est in gloriae iudicare vivos et mortuos,
Credo in lumen Dei, missus de Spiritu per ducendos nostrum,
piorum communitationem, sanctam Ecclesiam,
unam baptismam, remissionem peccatorum,
et vitam aeternam.

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«1. I believe in One God, almighty father, who created Heaven and Earth,

2. And in Our Lord Eliyahu Hosios, the Spirit of God, who is our saviour,
3. Proceeding from God, in man incarnate through the Virgin Sarahae,
4. Who was banished to the desert by vengeful man and prayed for forty days,
5. Willingly accepted exile in hell to bear our sins,
6. Who by his suffering redeemed us, and returned triumphant on the third day,
7. And went into Hiding in Heaven, until the day of our Salvation,
8. When He shall return in His glory to judge living and dead,
9. I believe in God's light, sent of the Spirit to guide us,
10. the Community of the Faithful, the Holy Church,
11. in one baptism, in the remission of sins,
12. and life eternal.