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Crimson Crescent Party
Kızıl Hilal Partisi
ChairmanSüleyman Karaağaç
Deputy chairMehmet Topçu
FounderMurat Tandoğan
Founded7 June 4947
IdeologyConservative liberalism
Political positionCentre-right
Colours     Crimson
Seats in the Assembly
221 / 600
District governorates
3 / 5

The Crimson Crescent Party (Turjak: Kızıl Hilal Partisi), abbreviated officially KHP, is a political party in Jakania. Founded on 7 June 4947 by Murat Tandoğan, the party adheres to centre-right, secular and conservative liberal policies. KHP considers itself as a successor to the National Progress Party, several former UTP members were involved in the foundation of the Crimson Crescent Party.

Despite being conservative, KHP takes liberal stance on issues like abortion and sex education in school. It supports liberal economy practices and remains committed to the parliamentary system. The party is affliated with the Union of Conservative Liberals, Capitalist Coalition and Anti-Communist League.



After the dissolution of the National Progress Party, several new parties were founded by former members of UTP, but none of them were successful in the elections. To succeed the National Progress Party and represent conservative liberalism, several former UTP members including former deputy chair of UTP, Necati Bostancı, founded the Crimson Crescent Party in 4947 under the leadership of Murat Tandoğan, chief editor of the daily newspaper Mukavemet. Tandoğan was elected unanimously as chairman of the party in the first congress. He appointed Beyza Gökbakar as deputy chair.

Tandoğan leadership[]

Tandoğan supported the status quo, which was dominated by UTP reforms. After the 4949 election defeat, conservative Homeland formed the government and challenged the status quo by implementing legislations such as restricting abortion and introducing state penalties for blasphemy. Tandoğan leadership unsuccesfully contested the 4951, 4954 and 4957 elections which put the KHP in opposition. Tandoğan resigned after the 4957 elections and a chairmanship election was held on January 4958, which saw Süleyman Karaağaç elected to the position. Karaağaç formally assumed the office on 24 January 4958.

Karaağaç leadership[]

Karaağaç increased the parliamentary work and introduced an omnibus bill named "Crimson Manifesto" which included decriminalisation of prostitution and allowing abortion to take place in first trimester. Although rejected by Homeland votes, the bill proved successful in the election campaigning and ultimately in the 4960 elections which saw KHP winning over 60 percent of the popular vote with a clear majority in the Assembly.

Newly formed Karaağaç government introduced several legislations which rolled back restrictions of previous Homeland governments. With the implementation of the Abortion Act of 4961, abortions were allowed to take place during the first trimester; whereas Secularism Act of 4961 decriminalised prostitution and public blasphemy. Secondary strike action was legalised with the Labour Act of 4961. Liberal economy was promoted with the implementations of the National Highway Act of 4964, Rent Regulation Act of 4964 and Public Housing Act of 4964; which enabled privatisation of national highways and public housing, also rescinded rent regulation practices. Legislative term was increased to 5 years with a bipartisan bill. Karaağaç government also sought close relations with Dorvik and supported the nation's nomination to Security Council Seat A. Karaağaç led his party to 4965, 4966 and 4968 election victories which gave his party clear majorities in the Assembly.

Second Karaağaç government decreased legislative term from 5 years to 4 years. Logging was allowed with the implementation of the Logging Act of 4967, a vast and comprehensive system of public libraries under the control of national government was instituted with the Public Library Act of 4969. After the New Welfare Act bill of CI! was defeated by KHP votes, a counter-proposal named Compulsory Pension Plan Act of 4969 which introduced a compulsory public system combined with an optional private pension was passed by the Assembly unanimously. Several other CI! proposals were voted against by KHP and defeated. A cooperation treaty between Jakania and Cildania was drafted on August 4971 and submitted to the Assembly, but the voting process was delayed by the general election which was scheduled to be held on January 4972.

4972 general election resulted in a hung parliament. KHP lost its parliamentary majority and won 221 seats. Karaağaç led the coalition talks and reached a deal with CDP leader Enise Tilki. Under the premiership of Karaağaç, this coaliton government was formed on 31 January 4972.


List of chairmen[]

No Name
Portrait Took office Left office Chairmanship elections
1 Murat Tandoğan
(born 4895)
Murattandogan.png 7 June 4947 24 January 4958 4947 Party Congress
4952 Party Congress
4957 Party Congress
2 Süleyman Karaağaç
(born 4904)
Suleymankaraagac.png 24 January 4958 Incumbent 4958 Extraordinary Party Congress
4963 Party Congress
4968 Party Congress

List of deputy chairs[]

No Name
Portrait Took office Left office Appointed by
1 Beyza Gökbakar
(born 4912)
Beyzagokbakar.png 7 June 4947 24 January 4958 Murat Tandoğan
2 Mehmet Topçu
(born 4918)
Mehmettopcu.png 24 January 4958 Incumbent Süleyman Karaağaç

Election results[]

Parliamentary elections[]

Election Leader Seats Vote Outcome
4949 general election Murat Tandoğan
48 / 600
Increase 48 8.00% 2,186,163 5.11% Opposition
4951 general election Murat Tandoğan
249 / 600
Increase 201 41.50% 14,608,197 47.14% Opposition
4954 general election Murat Tandoğan
299 / 600
Increase 50 49.83% 17,643,215 51.57% Opposition
4957 general election Murat Tandoğan
238 / 600
Decrease 61 39.67% 13,756,736 39.92% Opposition
4960 general election Süleyman Karaağaç
375 / 600
Increase 137 62.50% 24,206,921 62.82% Government
4965 general election Süleyman Karaağaç
357 / 600
Decrease 18 59.50% 21,195,006 57.85% Government
4966 general election Süleyman Karaağaç
587 / 600
Increase 230 97.83% 44,723,715 97.90% Government
4968 general election Süleyman Karaağaç
358 / 600
Decrease 229 59.67% 36,276,788 60.50% Government
4972 general election Süleyman Karaağaç
221 / 600
Decrease 137 36.83% 21,800,074 36.85% Coalition government

Presidential elections[]

Election Candidate Vote Outcome
4949 general election İlber Ataman 2,570,978 5.91% 2nd
4951 general election İlber Ataman 14,699,882 45.70% 2nd
4954 general election Nurcan Yakıcı 17,949,617 52.51% Yakıcı elected
4957 general election Nurcan Yakıcı 14,355,892 40.17% 2nd
4960 general election Murat Tandoğan 22,701,596 61.06% Tandoğan elected
4965 general election Murat Tandoğan 21,446,088 58.64% Tandoğan re-elected
4966 general election Murat Tandoğan 45,229,623 98.29% Tandoğan re-elected
4968 general election Murat Tandoğan 35,341,106 59.22% Tandoğan re-elected
4972 general election Ekrem Çavdar 22,691,563 43.71% 2nd

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