Czar Court
Czar Leopold II Palace
General information
Town Ştefăneşti (Ushalande)
Country Deltaria
Renovation 3212-3216
Design and construction
Client Czar Leopold II
Architect Goran Ivanov

The Council of Ministers of the Commonwealth of Deltaria, also known as the Czar Court, is composed of high-level ministers of the Government of Deltaria, led by the Premier.


The Council is responsible to the Prezident of Deltarská Republika. The Prezident is the one to propose a cabinet and Predseda Vlády, and is also the officer directly above the Czar Court. The Deltarĭsko Věšte may choose to pass a motion of censure forcing the Czar Court to resign, and this requires a 2/3rds majority in the Deltarĭsko Věšte.

The Czar Court usually holds sessions on Wednesday mornings at the Czar Leopold II Palace and is chaired by the Deltarian Predseda Vlády, but the Prezident may call an emergency session. The cabinet is supposed to maintain daily administration of the nation, and is supposed to work on a national scale, while the Provincial Cabinets work with Provincial offices and duties. A head from each of the major departments is a member of the cabinet, and has various roles in the cabinet and on occasion may be summoned to the Deltarĭsko Věšte.

Ministers are required to answer written or oral questions put to them by members of the Deltarĭsko Věšte, known as Government questions. In addition, ministers attend sessions of the Deltarĭsko Věšte when laws concerning their assigned sectors and departmental portfolios are under consideration.

Cabinet ministers cannot propose legislation without Forum approval, though the Premier may under certain limits enact statutory instruments, known as orders-in-council, i.e., government orders with statutory force. Ministers can however propose bills to the Deltarĭsko Věšte and any such legislation is generally very likely to pass.

Czar Court (Council of Ministers)Edit

Federal Ministry Name Party Since
Predseda Vlády (Premier)
Podpredseda Vlády for Reforms and e-Governance
Podpredseda Vlády for Investments and Competitiveness

Federal Ministry Name Party Since
Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship
Ocean Economy, Marine Resources and Fisheries
Energy, Infrastructure and Development
Foreign and Majatran Affairs
Justice and Public Administration
Interior and Migration
Defence and Veterans Affairs
Health and Prevention
Social Services, Family Affairs and Gender Equality
Education, Technology and Research
Food, Agriculture and Forestry
Culture, Deltarian Heritage and Indigenous Affairs
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